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Office Tab Enterprise is an application that provides users with the possibility to open multiple documents in Microsoft Office at the same time, and to manage them in a tabbed interface.
Fast document management features
With the help of this add-in, users can manage a large number of files at the same time, regardless of whether they are Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations.
Unlike Office Tab, the Enterprise edition also includes support for Office tools such as Publisher, Access, Project and Visio, which makes it suitable for use in the enterprise environment.
Adding tabs to Microsoft Office makes it easy for users to open, read, edit, and manage multiple documents of the same type at once, while also allowing them to minimize the number of windows that they keep open on their computers.
Open, save and close multiple files simultaneously
The add-in allows users to create document groups and to manage all the files in a group with a single mouse click. Thus, they can open, save and close all documents in a group at once, which can save them time and can improve their efficiency.
Even if the opened documents are not included in a group, they can be saved or closed simultaneously via commands available in the context menu. Additionally, the add-in makes it easy for anyone to rename files without having to use the Save As function.
Easy tab management capabilities
Users can customize the appearance of their tabs by applying various styles and colors to them, and they can also change the position of each tab. Switching between tabs can be done either with mouse clicks or hotkeys.
The tab bar can be hidden to increase the workspace on each document, and users can also set their tabs to feature a fixed length, or to auto-adapt based on the length of the document's name.
A useful add-in
All in all, Office Tab Enterprise can easily prove a handy add-in for Microsoft Office users working in corporate environments, as it allows them to open and manage multiple documents at the same time from the same window. It includes various bulk action options and also offers a series of interface customization features, for increased convenience.







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Word Password Crack Mac Description protects your Microsoft Office Word documents from being opened by someone else. While you are typing, a pop-up menu appears at the bottom of the screen, from which you can select “Keep Password”.
File Password:
File Password is a free utility to protect your Microsoft Office Excel files from being viewed and edited by someone else, and support password protection and user identification.
Office Password Lock:
Office Password Lock is a tool to protect Microsoft Office documents from unauthorized access, including document locking, text encryption, and password protection.
eRecovery is a free recovery tool for Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, as well as for PDF files.
By using EditDocuments, you can change the text of any document, and without changing the file format, such as Word documents, RTF or TXT files. You can also add new text, merge documents, change the file name, and much more.
SaveTax is a utility to help you track your business, prevent tax fraud, and resolve tax disputes. It allows you to perform virtually any type of tax preparation or tax reporting.
Document Encryption Software:
With Document Encryption Software you can protect your documents by encrypting text, page numbers, comments, drawings, and more. You can then store documents on CD or floppy and they will be highly safe.
PDF Password Remover is a utility to protect PDF files from unauthorized access and protect them from being viewed by others. It can remove password protection easily for you.
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PDF Password Encryption is a utility to protect PDF files from unauthorized access. You can encrypt PDF documents to protect PDF files from unauthorized access, so that only you can view the encrypted documents.
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Removable Disk Password Creator:
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Word Password:
Word Password is a utility to protect your Microsoft Word documents from being opened by someone else. While you are typing, a pop-up menu appears at the bottom of the screen, from which you can select “Keep Password

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Let’s start with stating that this application can work in two different modes: using or without VBA password. But both versions are capable of auto recovery of a VBA password and password making work in the built-in VBA editor.
The only difference is in the way the program calculates and saves passwords.
Once the program has started, the user can choose the mode to operate. While in the automatic mode the program calculates and saves all the necessary data. And if you choose the without VBA password mode the program only retrieves the memory of the password that you must enter manually.
For convenience purposes, this application has a built-in help file that explains the program menu. Additionally, it provides you with comprehensive help. The English version is more detailed than the German one.
MS Access Password recovery tool developed by Rixler Software is a program that helps users recover passwords for MS Access databases.
Built-in tutorial and help file help users get the program going and get to the main features. At this stage, the user can select the recovery method to use, or just proceed to recovery.
The program can be executed with or without an MS Access database. In addition, the program has the ability to search and access any document regardless of the password type. It is a powerful tool for helping users forgetting passwords, retrieve passwords and retrieve MS Access databases. The program functions are split into three parts: main window, password recovery engine and database lock tool.
Main window:
The most important window of this application. It has an option to save recovered passwords, an option to search the database, an option to export passwords, an option to search the database with help message, an option to start and stop the password recovery process and more.
Password Recovery Engine:
This is the heart of the program. It provides easy access to all the information needed for recovering the password. Here the user can select among the three recovery methods, choose the recovery method, specify the databases file location, choose the MS Access version, and submit the recovery process.
Database Lock Tool:
The database lock tool is very useful for people who have experienced the crash of a database and want to get back the access to their data. This tool helps the user to open the locked databases with a new password and get all the information from the databases.
Joomla Password Recovery is a program that can recover passwords for Joomla web sites. It is able to recover a password for a web site when the user forg

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Offer a strong security, but also effortless for users to create and remember passwords.
The “Password Generator” function allows you to generate random passwords.
This function also allows you to use a password dictionary so that you can choose the word you wish to remember.
Record / Generate a password on your PC.
The best and fastest way to make a password.
Generate a long password or a memorable one.
Find a word in the dictionary.
Create a dictionary of a few words or an entire personal dictionary.
You can export an encrypted file.
Password maker: A password generator that makes it easy for you to generate random passwords.
This password generator requires no operating system.
Generate a password without having the software installed.
Extract all information from an application file.
Password at the dead end.
A password generator that can extract a password from a dead end.
You can use this password generator to generate a password from a dead end on a computer or mobile device.
This password generator is not a password hacker.
The application is free.
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2.
Password protection and encryption of your USB and ZIP archive.
Without password protection your file is easy to be opened, copied, or traded.
Novelty Password Pro encryps the file, no one can open the password protected archive.
It is a password and password protection tool, it can use a password to encrypt files and archive, it can use a different password to open the encrypted archives.
Password encryption and secure remote backup.
Password Encryption means user authentication and secure data encryption.
Remote backup includes not only file encryption, but backup software encryption.
Built-in Browser for automatic searching.
Built-in Browser makes it easy for you to search for files.
Built-in Browser can search in zip archive and files.
Fast and Safe Email Client with Network Emulation.
Email Client allows you to send an email on your local network without Internet connection.
You can switch between different email account.
Email Client support POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 and Exchange server email.
Home Networking & Network Sharing.
If you install the program, you can share the internet connection with other computer.
The application is free.
NETbackup system backup & restore.
NETbackup is an easy and powerful Windows backup solution for system backup

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Desktop (or Internet) Password Manager is an application that will help you manage your passwords.
Featuring a clean interface, the program will let you store you passwords in a secure way. In order to access them, you will only need your password.
The software is totally free, it will not ask for your personal information and never send you spam or sell your information. You will be required to create an account in order to save and manage your passwords, as well as sign in each time to view the stored ones.
The program can be used to manage passwords for different websites, which means you can easily access them anytime you need.
Import from file
You can save your passwords in a protected password file, extract them from a Windows registry or from a web form, import from an XML file, from a database, or from a third party application.
Furthermore, you can import your saved passwords directly from your browser. As far as the password validation goes, the application performs a quick check for broken passwords.
There is also a group of built-in web forms, which will allow you to quickly log in to the most popular websites.
Some other features of Desktop (or Internet) Password Manager include:
You can manually create the passwords for each website by typing your username and password;
The stored passwords are arranged in folders, so you will not lose them;
The program has a smart and convenient reminder feature that will alert you in case you forget to log in.
The software will allow you to manage your passwords in a secure way, using a specially designed file called an XAP file.
This is an encrypted ZIP archive, containing the information about the passwords, including their validation method.
It can be used to keep passwords for most of the popular websites, including:
Encrypted Windows Password List:
Encrypted Windows Password List is an application that will help you save all your passwords in a decrypted and encrypted Windows password list.
This application is packed with many useful tools, which will be discussed later. For now, it will help you to:
Save your web sites and bookmarks in a fast way;
Backup your Windows security passwords and enable you to restore it with a single click;
Retrieve your passwords from Windows registry and unlock your Windows and other user accounts, as

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 8800GTS 640 MB
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Hard drive space required for installation (2.3 GB)
OS: Windows XP