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Weather Station Manual H10515 Dcf


View and download the Paget Trading H10515-DCF Lidl Weather Station Manual (p.n) Also Support or receive the manual by email.
You can buy with delivery or download a copy of the weather observation manual on our website.The Pagets Trading Lidc weather station by Pagett Trading is used to determine temperature, precipitation, wind direction and speed, as well as data on the length of daylight hours anywhere on Earth.
The inverter needs to be turned on.
Accuracy of weather data (day/night temperatures, precipitation, change in wind speeds and direction, data on the duration of daylight hours): – 5 – 99 points.
Interface for connecting to a personal computer.
Housing material and execution: – metal – protective anti-vandal coating (polyester coating) – impact-resistant plastic
The basic cost of Paget Trading weather stations is as follows:
Stand with sensors (except portable weather stations Pagestringstrading L410k, L415k, S415)
Antenna with 3 MP camera
Rod with cables
Artifacts (power):
0.3 mW
– 0.1 mW – 0 – 1000 W
in ounces – 8335 g – 9.5 g
in pounds – 335 g
Alarm (4-18 digits):



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