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WBTExpress Crack + With License Code Download X64 [Updated] 2022

Multiple Choices (MC)
Single Choice (SC)
Drag & Drop (DD)
Excel and Text File templates
Interactive eLearning questionnaires
Tutorial – we provide full tutorials that allow you to create and maintain an interactive, dynamic eLearning course, similar to a tutorial. You can include interactive maps, video, slideshows, quizzes, gallery views and a wide variety of content.
You can add content from Flash, HTML, Excel, OpenOffice, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Video formats.
As a teacher, you can use interactive, dynamic learning paths. You can configure them to work with any text or web content. You can use surveys and progress meters to collect information from your students.
We have thought of everything to make your life easier when you use WBTExpress to create the exercises of your interactive training courses.
The components of your course are customizable and expandable. Each new course is a clean template that is ready to be enhanced with all the interactive elements that you need.
Build multimedia training courses with many interactive questions: multiple choice, single choice, short answer, drop-down list, text marking.
Build multimedia questions for eLearning courses: multiple choice, single choice, drop down list, and text marking.
Interactive test questionnaires to test your students; answer and feedback are shown to your students in real time. The questions are stored in an Excel file and can be updated at any time.
Test your students’ knowledge with interactive flash questions and improve your elearning course.


I think you should start looking at microsoft’s fusion which requires a license but it has many tools including a web based authoring tool for things like interactivity. There are other ones out there as well but i don’t remember the names.
That being said, fusion itself is not free.. but you can go download the components separately and read up on the license page.
Also, go to appexchange and look for something called wbtexpress or webbtexpress, either is totally free.

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WBTExpress Crack +

WBTExpress is a powerful eLearning authoring tool that allows to easily create any kind of interactive training courses. By completing the FREE version or purchasing a Professional or Platinum version, you can:
* create your own course project template and use it as a reference whenever you work;
* use any combination of elements from item and media library;
* customize your course with your own brand colors and create your own logo;
* include any type of image or content, such as text, buttons, toggles, maps, PDFs, or even Flash;
* choose from over 50 buttons;
* customize or enter any text;
* customize text alignment, font, font size and color, and call for action and reference to any item of your course.
The program gives you access to the WBTEXPRESS premium user area and to the vast item library. Therefore, the user can put any image, color, font and any other type of content into your course.
The best part of WBTExpress is its intuitive interface. The drag and drop tools combined with the interface very user-friendly, which allows to easily create a variety of eLearning projects.

*25 Jul, 2012

Play Store Review:
A very good app with a friendly interface that helps create a Flash/HTML (SWF) courses and tests for any LMS platform.
Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

*27 Jul, 2014

AppBrain Review:
This is an app to create Flash courses for LMS platforms like Moodle. It is very easy to use and offers several customizable features to create a great visual experience in your courses.

*1 Aug, 2014

AppBrain Review:
The app is a good choice for those who have a college course or other online courses.

*16 Aug, 2014

Macmillan Education Review:
A very good app to create Flash courses and tests for any LMS platform. Good support and good prices.

*17 Aug, 2014

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WBTExpress With Product Key For Windows [Latest-2022]

What’s new:
– main feature of the programme is the ability to generate a list of questions;
– you can add a question line on your test page;
– with the help of a possibility of linking to external sites, you can make a question, which will serve for browsers, different tabs;
– your questions always pop-up, while you are developing the course;
– it is possible to control the course flow;
– the programme has integrated the possibility of extended e-learning tests;
– creating a question takes a second;
– questions are saved in the history in a list;
– questions can be added directly to the bottom of the page;
– you can customize the buttons and the text, which appears at the beginning of a question.

– interface with the number of
– File: you can download new question types;
– “Windows” on top and right: browser information, a list of units and question lists;
– Info Center: list of all functions of the program, a summary of your units, question lists and the description of the language;
– Main panel: list of modules, functions of the program and the current question.

Language support:
– English, French, German, Czech, Greek and Polish.

Spoken text:
– You can select any text on your course from the list of all written texts in the program and add the spoken text to your test.
– It is possible to include a link to any website address and write “You can see a link to…”.
– It is possible to add an audio link and a link to a file.
– The files can be downloaded: mp3, wav and wma formats.
– Your audio can be sent to the server for use.
– The format can be downloaded: mp3, wav and wma formats.
– The sound output is intended for both PC and non-PC environments.

Website link:
– The link is available for all courses, independent of the format in which the link is in, in the external link for courses.
– All links that you have or the links in the external links of the courses are available
– When creating a question, the link of the question can be set up as a link.

Multi-language support:
– The programmes can be launched from the welcome screen in all languages by clicking on language.

Course support

What’s New in the?

– 30 Modes of Interaction: 3 modes for single choice, 3 modes for multiple choice, 1 mode for text marking, 1 mode for drag & drop, 4 modes for Advanced Interaction
– Asynchronous mode for previewing course, tests and quizzes in browser
– Fast Upload and download of course
– Course and Test editor: any files (.yml,.xml and.scorm)
– HTML and CSS templating
– Text editor
– Horizontal or vertical grid view of questions, as tabs or a separate window
– Formatting tools
– Direct and automatic response saving
– Export function, for automatically generate PDF and EPUB documents
– Indented and indented edit mode for questions, marks and exercise descriptions
– Scene management and LMS management for course, test and quiz
– Intuitive and attractive presentation of results
– Easy and fast document export to SCORM-compliant format
– Statistics
– Localization for all interface elements and questions
– Supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM2004
– Pre-set quiz images that work out of the box
– “Customer” and “Developer” editions for users that need more advanced features
– Evaluation mode for generating automatic evaluations
– Allows the use of VLE and TVM (Thunderbird, Mozilla, Netscape)
– Works with both Windows and Mac OSX
– Supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari
– Triggers and placeholders
– Free edition available in: French, German, Czech, Greek and Polish
– Manages 250+ SCORM-compliant questions and tests from templates
– Small size: 2.99 Mb, 2 GB RAM

Please see the full list of features here:


Please submit feedback to our web page at


Download the manual online (
WBTExpress User Manual
WBTExpress Free User Manual (French and German)

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8.x, or 10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: 1.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Processor: 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Memory: 6 GB RAM