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I tried the following myself in just seconds, had Windows 10 working perfectly, step-by-step:

Run the command with elevated privileges: chntpw -u Administrator /enable
Run the command again: chntpw -u Administrator /disable

I think you also need to perform the reboot.

This whole thing is documented on Microsoft’s own site.


Suppressing the “type” column in an embedded HTML form?

I’m embedding a simple HTML form into a web page. I’d like to not show the “type” column in the embedded form itself, it’s only there because of the MIME type declared in the form’s enctype attribute. It’s going to break things for someone, and an Apache mod_security rule (a “1;” at the top) would prevent this from being a problem by preventing any non-text document from executing.
There are two ways I can think of to do this:

Remove the MIME type from the form entirely, so that the form is submitting a zero-length content-type (and fails to do so because of the 1.;) like so:


Or, I could change the MIME type in the form’s enctype attribute to application/xhtml+xml, and have the form send the value as text/html instead. That way, the form would submit a blank submission, but it would be formatted as a tippy-top HTML document (a.k.a. an XHTML document). The error handling for that would be more difficult, though, and I don’t know if there are any browsers/user-agents that return an error in that case.
Neither solution seems like a good idea, or more importantly, I’m not sure which one I should be doing. If I do this, and embed forms that are using the wrong mimetype, what will the embedded form say in its content-type column?
This is all done from an Apache-based CMS that performs a hash-based IP address to domain name lookup. I’ve verified that the content-type isn’t set to the value of the IP address for the
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Supportscreen tag