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When is the correct time to deploy a React app from local to AWS?

I’m using PostgreSQL, AngularJS, and React. I have built an application on my local machine that looks like a web app. I would like to deploy the app to the cloud.
When should I deploy a React app from local to AWS? Is there a resource that explains this?


Now! Use the aws console to create an AMI and launch a new EC2 instance with that AMI. That will give you a running production version of the app. Of course, deploy any changes manually to your server first.


SPARQL queries in R

I have a bunch of Triples about titles and URLs.
My desire is to find a list of all the URLs that are co-reference to a title.
Could you give me an example or provide a link how to do this with the JSON-LD graph model?


It’s explained in the JSON-LD tutorial section 4.1.
In particular:

Navigate to the “Example Linking” section of that tutorial
List all triples that have the URI and has the property “dbp:background” specified.
Filtering by “dc:creator” = “Peter Tolikovsky”.

Is that what you’re looking for?
For some other pointers you might want to consider:

SPARQL Cheat Sheet
SPARQL tutorial
JSON-LD guide

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