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Vag-Com USB interface cable OBDII connector: J1962 16-pin plug (to car)n Operating software compatibility: Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / .NET / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 8 and up CPU: 250 MHz (up to 2.16 GHz) Min. Update interval: 1 time per year.Installation by yourself: instructionsCar setup: interface cable: connecting the device and cables in the car, the processor should spontaneously start working (a welcome message will appear on the screen). There is no VagCom interface in modern sales yet. It looks like he has a great future ahead of him. Sources: WirelessCameraExperience / Content-OnlyControl Connectors:
FlexSub: Yes
HT: ScreenExperiment: yesConclusionsTo understand the design of a tablet computer, first you need to understand the basic concepts: The main purpose of the automotive control software is to control the on-board computer and its extended peripherals: ABS, airbag, integrated amplifier, switch, GSM network port, Wi-Fi, built-in rear view camera, communicator, charger, GPS / GLONASS and Bluetooth / COM navigation equipment.
The tablet itself is supplied with the smart car, but without a screen. But if you want to additionally purchase a multimedia device (for example, a mobile phone), then a computer, on the contrary, will have to be purchased separately in a store. Mercedes-Benz develops programs for tablets called Mercedes-VIS in its Mobile Device (MDV) line . The program is distributed free of charge. The toolkit includes official software that allows you to view maps (search, copy, update) as well as make calls and exchange messages. Another program from Mercedes-Motoren-Gesellschaft Schnellen Mobilfahrt is a program for VCDS (VCDS-Redex) complete with auto-assistance. Program unlocks



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