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Vag Com 12.10.3 Cracked Software Free Download


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Arizonans weren’t upset when the federal government, in 1999, saved the state’s pension and university funds from bankruptcy, according to former President Ronald Reagan.

The problem, said Reagan, a former governor of California, was that Congress didn’t put money into the accounts before the state’s Legislature started raiding them.

On Wednesday, the Arizona Legislature voted itself a temporary 23% pay increase in response to a requirement set by the 2010 Constitutional Amendment that requires the Legislature to reduce its budget in 2011 by about $312 million.

“It was the absolute right of the Legislature to put that money in there. They just didn’t,” Reagan told Mike Broomhead on the Talk Radio and Tribute show on 680 KFYI. “The federal government could do something about that, and they did. The federal government’s solution was immediate and correct and put the money there.”

Reagan was a supporter of Proposition 203, an initiative in 2002 that set the state’s public pension system on sound footing. In return, Republicans campaigned for a federal bailout of the University of Arizona, which also went under after the state’s economy began tanking in 2008. The U of A’s deficit-riddled balance sheet resulted in the loss of its NCAA Division I status, as well as the cancellation of athletic scholarships.

Not that Reagan took credit for those two sides of government finally reaching a deal.

“I don’t think that changes the record,” he said. “What the federal government did was do the one thing that was immediately correct.”Q:

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