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fortunately, just as for the above, the forces felt at the bottom of the box have to be balanced by increased forces at the top. this happens because athletes are jumping down, instead of jumping up. i once saw someone even jump off a box while inverted. after this, no other athlete was able to touch the bottom of the box, and all the individuals went through in a spiral, but once they touched the bottom, they all bounced at the same time.

shin sekai: composed by jean-baptiste de laubier, arthur simonini and quentin lepoutre / vertigo, sundial, fauna, atlantique & alpes: composed by jean-baptiste de laubier / virtual satori, yret, silicon jungle & futatsu no taiyo: composed by jean-baptiste de laubier and kodo / ars nova: composed by jean-baptiste de laubier, arthur simonini and kodo
franois lasserre: bass, guitar / bent van looy: drums / arthur simonini: strings & rhodes /wadaiko hama & kodo: taiko / david patrois: marimba / le mystre des voix bulgares: vocals / suar agung: jegog / kobagi: percussion
produced and mixed by para one at agent orange / global art direction by emmanuel barron

so, while a vertical jump is a great tool to enhance the leg cycle and thus jump height, don’t get carried away and attempt an insane jump. youll be better off going for a good, solid routine, that will make you jump higher. the higher you jump, the easier it will become to make it happen. make the jump large enough to measure, and make sure its horizontal. be sure to jump barefoot, unless you have a firm place to stand on.

i was just watching this video on box jumps again, and it makes me sad to see athletes with low verticals getting so caught up in the box. i will never let ego stop me from pushing my barbell up for a lift. sure, the box is a tool, but so is a barbell. don’t let your ego get in the way of your results. take the focus off the box and place it on the barbell. keep this in mind when you read messages like this from coaches:

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