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Developed in C#, Timer.NET is an easy-to-tool that facilitates a basic countdown timer and stopwatch. It doesn't contain any complex features, geared toward all types of users looking to rapidly count time for various purposes, such as cooking, studying, or taking a break from work.
No setup required, besides .NET Framework
The whole program's wrapped in a single .exe file that you can copy to a preferred location on the hard disk or to a USB flash drive, in order to directly launch it on any computer.
It doesn't add new entries to the system registry or modify existing ones, nor does it create new files on the HDD. However, it depends on .NET Framework, since it was developed with the aid of this platform.
Start and pause a countdown timer or stopwatch
When it comes to the interface, Timer.NET opts for a standard .NET Framework form and doesn't put emphasis on visual appeal, preferring to focus on functionality instead. It's split into three panes, for the timer, stopwatch and a to-do list, and it also includes a menu bar.
You can enter time in hh:mm:ss format to count it down from, as well as pause or stop it, along with the stopwatch. Milliseconds aren't supported. The todo list has yet to be implemented into the application, so it exists purely for preview purposes at the moment. There are no other notable options provided by this piece of kit. It doesn't contain any kind of customization properties.
Evaluation and conclusion
Unsurprisingly from such a compact utility, Timer.NET had minimal impact on the overall performance of the computer, running on a low amount of system resources. It remained stable throughout its runtime, without hanging, crashing or prompting errors. We haven't experienced any compatibility issues with the latest version of Windows.
Nevertheless, Timer.NET is a rudimentary time-tracking tool, wrapped up in a plain interface and featuring only the necessary and suffice options for using a countdown timer and stopwatch.









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Developed in C#

Has minimal performance impact

Starts up, runs, and closes in just a few seconds

Minimal dependencies, for instant loading

Simple interface and features

Lacks customization options

Included in the.NET Framework, a boon for newbies


Timer.NET Crack For Windows is a basic countdown timer and stopwatch, with a simple interface and few customization options. Those looking to count time quickly and precisely for various purposes should consider the tool to be convenient and robust.


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Win, OS X, Linux


3.5 MB


4.0 / 5 is a program for counting time, which boasts many advanced features, such as an alarm or reminder, as well as plenty of customization options and customization styles. It’s a standalone application, that you can download to your computer, whether it’s running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

Start your countdown timer or stopwatch, at any time of the day or night, along with numerous other clocks and timers
Called by its users as a ‘countdown timer’,, developed in.Net, provides an interface that runs on top of the Windows operating system, so it’s available for all versions of it and works on all types of computers running it. You can start the countdown timer at any time of the day or night, as well as any time of the year or decade.

It’s easily configurable through many pre-set customization options, allowing you to set your preferred frequency, display style and colors, choose the unit of measure and whether it should display in seconds or minutes and hours. It’s also possible to display the timer in a specific location on the desktop and define your preferred start and end time.

The application is completely free of charge, so all you need to do is go ahead and download it, install it on your computer or operating system, then start counting time.

Evaluation and conclusion
Due to its rather complex and intricate array of customization options, keeps evolving and improving, and this is a key factor when considering its price.

With a price of free, it’s certainly a definitive tool to keep track of your time, especially because it’s extremely

Timer.NET [Win/Mac] [April-2022]

– Free timer
– Countdown timer
– StopwatchThis is the second of three articles dealing with the overall structure and methodology of research and design. The first article described the overall architecture of the Sinthesis project. This second article will deal with the more detailed description of the project architecture, as well as outlining in more detail how we solved the problem of selecting appropriate sources of information about a problem/goal domain, collection and format of which can vary widely between different research and design projects.

Sinthesis is research and design tool that aims to stimulate innovative thinking about ideas, research and development of technologies to enhance student learning of key areas of STEM disciplines. The use of a digital model in combination with an easily editable and reusable repository enables rapid transformation of ideas into artefacts.

The Sinthesis tool is structured in three main layers:

● The main model layer is designed to support researchers and designers in generating new ideas and scenarios for experimentation, concept development and proof of concepts.

● The representation layer is designed to support the transformation of an idea/concept into physical artefacts that can be shared and reused to facilitate collaboration and interaction with other researchers and designers.

● The third layer is designed to support the integration of the ideas and concepts resulting from Sinthesis into other tools, the design and development of new tools for collaborative interaction, and the development of the Sinthesis tool as a self-sustaining infrastructure.

The three main layers and the associated artefacts are presented below.

The main model layer is designed to support researchers and designers in generating new ideas and scenarios for experimentation, concept development and proof of concepts.

Users first generate new ideas through the use of a digital Sinthesis generator.

Users are then invited to explore the ideas within the generator to understand the concepts, their formalisation and their technical feasibility. This is done through a simulation of the proposed concepts, and a preview of the artefact.

After a user has explored an idea within the generator, the user can transform the generated artefact into a new artefact (via pull), or edit the existing artefact (via push).

The representation layer is designed to support the transformation of an idea/concept into physical artefacts that can be shared and reused to facilitate collaboration and interaction with other researchers and designers.

Sinthesis artefacts can be created as:

● Physical artefacts, either as a single artefact (e.g. a

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Program’s Title: Timer.NET
Program’s Version Number:
Program’s Size: 33.34 MB
Program’s Developer: I. Kolomiytsev, A. Sadovskaya, S. Derkach
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Most importantly, please remember to have fun while using the code
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What’s New In?

If you are looking for a basic timer program, Timer.NET is your best option.
The best part? Timer.NET doesn’t require any additional setup, it’s self-contained, and it won’t consume any system resources.
In other words, Timer.NET is a tool that is highly functional, with plenty of options and a simple interface.
To run the tool on a Windows operating system, you will require the.NET Framework and nothing else. The only main drawback is the lack of customization properties, which is an unfortunate omission from the tool.
What’s more, Timer.NET cannot be used to count down in milliseconds, so your options are limited.

Sana Sordo

October 18, 2018

Overall, Timer.NET is a minimal program that does one thing very well. It counts down time in increments of at least one minute for both goals and breaks. For timers with a goal of either a time length of 20 minutes or less, you can choose to be notified every time the time elapses. Users that want to count down time in a particular way will be able to skip a certain number of minutes at a time or countdown in order to reach a certain time.
The interface is not intuitive, so if you plan to use the program for a prolonged time period, you will want to spend a few minutes getting accustomed to it before you start. You can specify the name of a folder, where the counted time should be stored. You can also choose to be notified when the countdown expires. Otherwise, you won’t know if it has finished in a particular timeline.
This software costs $19.95 for the trial version, and $39.95 for the full version. You will be prompted to purchase the program when you run it.Q:

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 Bit)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz and later
HDD: 2 GB available space
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or later
Sound: DirectX 9.0 or later
Network: Internet connection
How to Install:
Download the latest version from the link below and run the setup.exe file.
Follow the installation process.
After the installation is complete,