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If you download a torrent without a VPN, your ISP can see what you are downloading torrent, and may limit your connection and be fined. In this case, you may receive a request from the provider before you can access the target.
If a torrent file takes up more space than the specified download size, you can reduce the size of the file simply by moving it to a different folder or by running an archiver program.
You can store downloaded torrent magics on your computer or removable memory card. Each torrent client automatically creates an archive. If you don’t want to create installations, you can find the archive using Start\\Current\\Print Script. Otherwise, you can create an installation by right-clicking on the “Properties” path.
Unfortunately, torrents can contain viruses. You can download the Download Tool (S) to check the downloaded files.
If you agree that the torrent content is not licensed, you will see a warning in the tray (on the taskbar), if you agree with this, then click “Agree” in the window that appears.
Downloading torrents requires a low network level (or none at all)
A torrent file (depending on size) can be up to 10 MB. If you have a slow Internet connection or low speed and bandwidth, you will not be able to watch a movie or game at high speed and maximum download.
To slow down or use slower traffic, you must select “No” and you will be prompted for confirmation. This request may take a long time before you can continue.
Make sure the host you are running the torrent program on has sufficient network connectivity or use a different downloader.
Follow these tips to speed up your torrent download time. If you’re having trouble using this site, try another one.



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