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Textatize will help you reach your customers to their mobiles. Simply launch this software and immediately start your mobile campaigns.Mobile marketing made easy!
Here are some key features of “Textatize”:
■ MSN-Messenger like: sign in, send messages, and minimize it to the taskbar!
■ Keep track of your mobile campaigns: export your messages anytime to Microsoft Office Excel.
■ Manage your customer list: import it from other apps and export it anytime*.
■ Complete customer support.
■ Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
■ 7 days trial period
NOTE: You will need to create a free acount in order to be able to use this application.







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“Textatize” is a powerful utility which allows you to send messages, offers and announcements to your mobile customers. It can easily import and export your list of customers from other apps. You can also integrate this application to many other applications, like Outlook and Mail Merge. It allows you to track your customer list, manage offers and messages, to connect with them. This application does not need any antivirus tools and should be safe to use.
■ Very easy to import/export customer list from other apps (e.g. Outlook, Mail Merge)
■ It can also export your messages in.csv or.txt format to your desktop or email server.
■ It allows you to send emails in bulk to your mobile customers from your computer or from Mail Merge, with an easy interface.
■ You can add unlimited customers and even sync them to other apps (e.g. Outlook, Mail Merge)
■ 7 day trial period
* Not available in all languages
“Textatize” is an universal application, that means it can integrate with many applications, like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and many others.Q:

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Textatize is a simple tool that allows you to send mobile messages instantly, with a few clicks. You can send SMS messages, MMS messages and Http messages.
When you send messages through this tool, you’ll see your messages appearing on your recipients’ mobile screen. Your recipients will also be able to click on your messages to see the messages. You can also set options, such as interval, repeat, to make messages appear again.
This is a great and easy to use tool for sending your customers text messages.
This tool can be a great way to:
* Get more customers.
* Get more engagement.
* Drive sales.
* Get more leads.
* Engage existing customers.
* Help your sales team.
* Get feedback from your customers.
* Check if customers are following you.
* Reach them on their mobile.
*… and more!
Textatize Features:
Automated Campaigns
Textatize includes a powerful campaign builder that allows you to create automated campaigns for your company. The Campaign Builder allows you to send personalized messages, based on a customer’s location, birthdate, gender, mobile model, job, or any other parameters you wish.
Single/Double TAP Messaging
This tool allows you to send messages to a single or multiple numbers at the same time.
By default, the tool will send SMS messages; however, it also supports MMS messages, SMS and MMS over HTTP (Http SMS), SMS, MMS and Http SMS over SMPP (SMS over Internet Protocol), SMS, MMS and Http SMS over IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) and SMS/MMS over OTP (One Time Password).
Support for LMP
Textatize supports location based messaging, allowing you to send SMS messages to your customers based on their geolocation.
SMS, MMS and Http Message Sending
With Textatize, you can send SMS and MMS messages and even Http messages.

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What’s New In Textatize?

With Textatize you can easily send text messages to your users via any messaging service.
The text messages that you send will be actually sent to the user’s phone and to the messaging service.
The user will get an SMS and the message will be delivered. If the user does not have the messaging service installed you will get a brief introduction of how to use it.
After you have successfully sent messages to the user you can easily manage all of your customers and messages.
The program has a very simple interface and you can easily interact with it through Windows Explorer.
Download Textatize from:

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a sub-field of digital marketing which focuses on delivering marketing messages to mobile phone users.

There is a wide range of mobile marketing techniques available, but some of the most effective mobile marketing campaigns encourage users to install apps and view advertising-like content through their phones.

For example, Shimobon Speedy provides the latest information about Japan’s entertainment scene and the latest information about celebrities. This service asks for access to the user’s address book so that the service can automatically send the content to the user’s contacts who will also view the content on their phones.

These types of services, where mobile phone users gain free content in exchange for being able to view advertising or even a pre-determined number of advertisements each month, are called interest-based mobile marketing, or value-based mobile marketing.

Some organizations use mobile phones to make it easy for customers to leave reviews of a business’s physical locations. For example, five-star reviews appear on Google Maps when users search for a local business.

Mobile Marketing Reports

Mobile Marketing Reports

Mobile marketing reports help a company to keep an eye on their competitors. This way, they can get an overview of how their mobile marketing is doing.

Usually, there are only a few details that a company gets to know about their mobile marketing. For example, the details that an administrator can get to know about their mobile marketing campaigns.

In addition to this, a company will also get to know about the successful parts of their mobile marketing. It might be helpful for an organization to know where they have performed poorly.

The information that companies can get to know about their mobile marketing campaign is usually broken down into two parts. One part is the mobile marketing campaign that is performed. This is usually the mobile marketing report, and it might be an in-house report.

The second part is usually the report that is gathered from the data of the mobile marketing campaign that is done. This report is usually the mobile marketing report that is received by the company.[Identification of the human papillomavirus type of cervical carcinoma].
Sera from 43 women with cervical carcinoma and 43 women with benign cervical lesions

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD Phenom II X4 965
RAM: 4GB (8GB Recommended)
Hard Disk: 30GB
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 or ATI Radeon HD 7850
DirectX: Version 11
Please Note: Download version 1.0.0 or later.
Step 1. Installation Instructions:
Click the link to the installer on this page.
Click to download the downloaded installer.
The installer will download the.exe file and extract it to your desktop