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Struckd on Steam aims to give all users the chance to create a video game of their own. You don't need any programming knowledge, and you most definitely don't need any computer skills to be able to enjoy the benefits of this program. It's easy to use but a little bit dull, on account of it not allowing you total freedom. Add to this constant hiccups, such as stuttering and, more rarely, crashing, and you pretty much get the idea about the ingenious concept but not-so-bright execution situated at the core of this app.
The menus are surprisingly easy to navigate
This particular game creation tool feels more like a simulator's edit mode. You can create your own world or start with one of the templates provided by the developer. No matter what you choose, your experience will be the same. The palette of options is not really that big. It's not small either. You can't really create something outside of the box. It all boils down to a few types of games, mostly shooters and arcade racers. If you haven't had the chance to actually create a game up to this point, then Struckd could be a great starting point, there is no doubt about that.
The terrain editor is pretty cool
Out of all the tools integrated in this particular app, the terrain editor is one of the most interesting to talk about. It allows the most freedom of creation. Even though it does not manage to have that many options, the variety of terrain you can create with what you have is surprising. It's also the area where you can build the most original content in your future game. Creating terrain means you start from scratch. No templates.
Struckd is an application worth taking into consideration if you're new to the game creation business. Otherwise, if you've already had that contact, you'll feel this app to be seriously limiting, something that in most cases will convince you to move on. The concept of a game creator without necessary coding skills is great, but it needs to be coupled with variety and freedom, as much of both as possible.


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Struckd Full Product Key (April-2022)

Struckd is a brand new game creator app that aims to help those who have no computer programming experience create original games that go beyond simple graphics and simple actions.

As the name suggests, this particular app is made for those who want to create a game but do not have the skills to create one. Its concept is simple: the more time you spend with your game, the better it is. Struckd is a direct access app. You will not have to be dependent on a platform. You can move your creations from one platform to another. A change of life, on account of having access to the game creator, but not to the app itself. No complicated code, no platform-dependent design, no problems, none of that. Only the games.

All you need is a mind, a space on your hard drive and patience. With Struckd, you won’t have to spend all of your free time on that pesky work, programming, which really is no fun. Struckd is specifically designed to help you create original games that do not require a team of developers, an incredible budget, or millions of dollars.

When we talk about originality and creativity, we are talking about being able to create something entirely new and free, something that no one has ever seen before.

The first step in creating a game with Struckd is defining your idea. This is where creativity comes in, where everything starts to become possible. Struckd offers a range of games to choose from. You have the option to make a 3D game, but you can also build a game from a space ship and run it on your first pet. The developer behind Struckd encourages everyone to try their hand at game creation, but the more games you create, the more interesting you’ll find the library of games.

With no code involved, Struckd allows you to create anything, anything at all. The only requirement is that you are capable of creating and building a world.

That world is your canvas, and your canvas is Struckd. The more time you spend on your games, the better they’ll be.

The developer behind Struckd has set himself an incredibly high standard. He has already created a number of games, and his ambitions will not cease here. He believes that everyone should have the chance to create a game, and he hopes to continue releasing new tools and innovations, to create new and original content.


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Since all holos are made of clouds, this Unity project will allow you to create clouds in the air and create holos that float in the air.
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By Laihan

Striked U Play Free

Easily the best free flash game ever released. Try it!

9/10 TIPA


By Alexsang

This game was good, but I didn’t like it when the map got bigger and you started losing.

9/10 TIPA


By alf

Stupid! No keys!

6/10 TIPA


By ditsydez

I was looking for a simple yet enjoyable way to have fun while killing time, this one was it.
I was expecting to be able to use a keyboard to interact with the game, but unfortunately that’s not the case. All the time I had spent trying to make it more user friendly was wasted. I was never given a chance to use the keyboard. I had no keys to move the cursor or to change the pace of the game. I would love it if the keyboard was allowed to be used, but what am I supposed to do when there’s no keyboard?
The interface was easy to navigate, not too intrusive, and pleasant to look at. I liked the color combinations, they were really great. The sound was good, too, very repetitive, but I guess it wasn’t supposed to have any actual music. The only thing that bothered me was how the game had to use a whole lot of memory. I don’t know if it was a bug or what, but I had to close the game every time I moved to the next level.
I think I would have loved the game a lot more if I was able to use a keyboard to play.

6/10 TIPA


What’s New In Struckd?

Struckd is an app for anyone who wants to create a video game. There are no programming skills or gaming knowledge required. It's a tool where you draw the terrain, create enemies, and play with your character and your enemies' lives. Create a killer game like any other game editor.

One must search long and hard to find a more limited video game creation tool than Struckd. This is not your normal tool. This is a tool where you can create a game in an hour, but if you want to create a game that will take you a few years, you will need many hours. It is mainly a tool for those who want to create a video game and feel like creating a game would be fun and cool.
Struckd requires no coding knowledge to work. No programming experience is needed. No technology. It all comes down to a simple grid where you draw a map. You design, modify, add, and remove elements. You design your levels and you design the enemies and the items. You create a game, and then you play it. What else could you want?
You can download Struckd from the developer's website. To be honest, it is not a great website. I could not really find anything of interest on this website other than the opportunity to ask some questions if you have any. Nothing new. The layout, the graphics, and the content are all static. There are no options, no one-on-one chats with the developer or anything. I tried to contact the developer but I never did get a reply.
This application is a simulator. It starts from the beginnings and allows you to create your own game. It is a great learning tool, but it does not offer the level of freedom that this community needs. There are no tutorials on how to create a game in Struckd. No preset game creation templates. Nothing at all that would allow you to learn to create a video game. There is not even a manual on how to use the application. You can create your own game, and that's it.
Struckd is a limited game creator. If you feel like creating a game is not that appealing of a thing, you will not like Struckd. If you love creating a game and are looking for a way to do it, then you will be happier with Struckd than with any other tool. Creating a game is not that hard. If you can use a pen and paper and you're the creative type, then creating a game is not that hard. Of course, you need a computer. On that computer, you need to have an idea of how you want your game to look and function. Then you need to create it. That's pretty much it. And that's it. So, why would you

System Requirements For Struckd:

This mod does not work on vanilla games, it has been made with my own Skyrim.exe file and I didn’t use any script/data mod so there are no compatibility issues.
You will need to have installed all the 3rd party mods i have used in this mod.
You will need to install the Elsweyr 1.0 patch (you can get it here) after you finish the installation.
You will need to install the Morrowind.esm and Elsweyr.esm files which will be automatically downloaded and installed after the installation