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StairDesigner Pro-PP 7.12 Crack


StairDesigner is a product of Boole & Partners, a software for designing smooth, spiral and balanced stairs used in timber. ACD contains a special BooleVoid module.
Areas of use:
Depending on the purpose of the construction, we develop an adapter for concrete and stone stairs.
To reduce project lead time, we also develop a reference design with rounded corners, which helps the user to quickly adjust the parameters of structural elements to their requirements, thereby avoiding the need for accurate measurements (as is usually the case when comparing step heights, except that HD the range of measurements of the depth of the steps allows you to reflect the following results: the angle between the bowstrings is more than 130 °, the slope of the stairs is more than 2 °).
When optimizing door and window openings in HD structures, an adaptation mechanism was developed that makes it possible to cover these openings with a material that practically does not change its thickness during installation and operation.
Application of HD in large projects
HD is developed for large projects such as stair installation on skyscraper towers and similar projects:
for the upper levels of cottages and private houses;
for airports;
and other objects.
The HD design is suitable for interior decoration, including interiors such as living rooms, dining rooms, study rooms, libraries, children’s rooms, etc.
Made from high quality materials, HD products are made from wood, concrete, metal, plastic, or other commonly used materials to reduce the chance of defects during the assembly process.
HD products can be designed in partnership with other operators and manufacturers to create different architectural solutions.
During the collaboration, the user can exchange data with other manufacturers, architects and experts in the design of stairs and stair structures.
HD technology is compatible with most other well-known design systems, making it easy to create stairs with the upcoming event in mind.
Simplified models taking into account the layout
Unlike bulky structures that usually take up a lot of space during the construction process and, as a result, are inconvenient to use, the HD design allows you to optimize the time and building materials directly involved in the construction of stairs (without the need for accurate measurements of the height of the steps).
Thanks to this, the design combines a lot of functions, at the same time reducing the specific pressure and contributing to the optimization of the use of building materials and the time spent on work.
Resolution + Angle of Stairs + Stability



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