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SMTPSEND is an application used to send mail messages without an email client required, such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. An SMTP mail server must reside on your local network to process the email message sent out by SMTPSEND. Use fully qualified SMTP email addresses such as, not resolved names. You will be able to include a subject, the body, add an attachment, and enjoy numerous email recipients.
SMTPSEND can also be run silently from the command line by passing it in parameters. A great tool for corporate system administration teams, allowing email messages to be sent from the servers without the overhead of a Mail Client. Also works great in conjunction with a scheduled service or agent alert to automatically send out email messages.
■ Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
■ Microsoft MSI Installer Technology
■ You can use the software up to 12 times


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Download ✏ ✏ ✏ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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This is an ASP.NET application used to send an email message to one or more recipients at an address. You can modify an email’s subject, body, and any attached files.
The email server must be on your local network for the email messages to be sent out.
SMTPSEND Download With Full Crack -s ‘Your Subject’ -a ‘Your Email Address’ -b ‘Your Body’ -a ‘Your Attachment File Path’ -r ‘Your Email Address’
Supports the following parameters:
-s: Subject
-a: Email address
-b: Body
-a: Attachment file path
-r: Recipient address
How to:
SMTPSEND Serial Key may be run from the command line or in a.NET environment. The following example will show how to run it from the command line.
cmd.exe /c C:\SMTPSEND.EXE -s “This is a test” -a “” -b “Hey man!” -a “c:\inetpub\wwwroot\attachment.jpg” -r “”
This may be used to send email to one or more recipients. The following example will show how to send an email to one recipient at an address.
cmd.exe /c C:\SMTPSEND.EXE -s “This is a test” -a “” -b “Hey man!” -r “”
SMTPSEND contains a large list of ASP.NET controls and uses an ASP.NET database (MS SQL 2000) to store your data.
A maximum of 12 email messages may be sent before it is closed or deleted. You can also create a help menu for your email messages, so each email can be customized.
SMTPSEND includes Outlook 2007/2010 Compatibility.
SMTPSEND can be used in a Windows server environment (IIS 5.1).
SMTPSEND may only be used with the latest version of.NET Framework 2.0.
SMTPSEND can be easily downloaded and installed. You can download the.msi file from this page.
SMTPSEND requires that the.Net Framework 2.0 be installed on the server, not on the computer where you install SMTPSEND.
For information about installing the.Net Framework, please see


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What’s New In SMTPSEND?

SMTPSEND is an application that is easy to use and highly customizable. It consists of a GUI, in which you can edit the settings, design the email template and add details of recipients, attachments and more.
What’s New in Version 1.6:

Removed reliance on HtmlHelp support. Its a pure win32 application with no dependence on external tools
Added a huge list of improvements to help with sending email messages.
Added support for using Reply-To and Reply-All to send a single mail message to multiple recipients.
Improved results of email address verification
How To Use:

SMTPSEND is installed as a service and will be automatically started when you install the program. To uninstall just close the program or find its running process in the system tray and choose the “End Process” item.
Run the SMTPSEND as administrator:
To run the program as administrator, you need to open the system properties, select the “Security” tab and enter the administrator password, then click on “OK”. After that, you must run SMTPSEND and the installation process will be completed successfully.

Example to send an email message from SMTPSEND

SMTPSEND must be run as an administrator, and as mentioned above, the username and password used to run the program must be the password to the administrator account on your PC. This is because most email programs can not be run as an administrator.

Click the “New Message” button to start the email process. At the top of the window you will see the title “SMTPSEND is starting..”, in the bottom right corner you can change the email recipients if needed.

Click “OK” on the window titled “SMTPSEND is starting..”, a window will then appear.

In the first field enter the email address of the recipient.

In the first field enter the email address of the recipient.

Enter the subject

Type the email message you want to send. You can use the basic formatting options to align your message and you can format the recipient email address, the subject and body as you wish.

Click the “Attach” button to attach the files you want to include with the email.

Click the “Send” button to send the email.

SMTPSEND can now be used to send emails to many recipients. As you can see on the example below, using Reply-To and Reply-All commands you can send a message to multiple recipients.


SMTPSEND is a free program released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is distributed at no cost to anyone. If you have any comments or suggestions please email us at


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