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SmartTranslator is a tool that helps you translate a delphi project to other languages. In the first step, it collects all strings in the pascal code and delphi forms and stores them in a database.
After all strings are translated, which can be done inside SmartTranslator, it can replace all strings of the original language with the corresponding strings of another language. Strings that appear in more than one project have to be translated only one time.
Once SmartTranslator knows all necessary strings, you can transfer a project to another language within one minunte. In comparasion to other localizing tools, SmartTranslator stores only the strings of one language in an executable (which produces much smaller executables) and does not need any changes on your project. There is also no need to collect strings in stringtable resources.







SmartTranslator Crack [Win/Mac] Latest

SmartTranslator Crack Free Download can replace all strings of an executable with different languages. In
addition to the original strings of the executable, which are the same for all languages, it
also stores translation for each string of the following languages in one table:

HTML source code
XML source code
Strings in the application settings file
Strings in the startup dialog
Strings in all DFM files
Strings in all TMs
Strings in the VCL
Strings in all THY files
Strings in the accelerator listbox
Strings in the error box
Strings in the edit box
Strings in all user forms
Strings in the tooltips
Strings in the timer

Due to the large amount of different languages SmartTranslator For Windows 10 Crack can be used for many different languages.

You can see all translations with SmartTranslator Cracked Version and change them by entering the corresponding language in the combobox called “Source”.
SmartTranslator Crack Mac has two modes, the multilingual mode and the single language mode.
In the Multilingual mode, each language has its own ID (language code).
You can get a “warning” message if you use a non-existing language. So, if you try to translate an English project into a non-existing language, it will try to translate the strings into English. When using the single language mode you can enter only one language code.
If you have an existing project, you can use the Single Language mode by choosing the language on the combobox and clicking “Start Translating”. In the simple mode (default), SmartTranslator For Windows 10 Crack uses the Visual Studio code file locator to locate the strings of the project. All translations are stored in a SQLite database. You can start and stop the translation manually from the Windows taskbar or by selecting Tools -> SmartTranslator.

Note: If you are using some kind of software, that creates the installer for you, you might not be able to set the language of the installer.

Checking the strings in the project solution with a “smart” solution explorer (for example with Managed Visual Studios) and clicking Add… on the right button does not work for me.
SmartTranslator should find and add the strings which are marked with the tags “Auto” or “Custom”.


There is a third-party tool called SmartTranslator that is exactly what you describe, and it seems to be a very

SmartTranslator Crack

–>translation is done in Delphi5 and higher

–>translate text using standard delphi tools

–>translate text using runtime API

–>translate text using database

–>translate text inside Delphi code

–>translate or regular string to another language

—>any text inside programs (app.exe, bro) can be translated

—>any string in form (TForm/TMemo/TSet)

—>strings in function or procedure

—>strings in constructors

—>strings in control

—>strings in drawing

—>strings in listbox

–>strings in listview

—>strings in menustrip

—>strings in menus

–>strings in other controls

—>strings inside switch

—>strings in other functions

—>strings in parameters

—>strings in parameters parameters

—>strings inside a project (exe, dproj, mms)

—>strings inside an executable (doesn’t include dlls, only.exe,.mms)

—>strings inside an up-to-date executable (needs to be checked)

—>strings inside an up-to-date executable (without delphi resources, needs to be checked)

—>strings inside an up-to-date executable (without delphi resources, needs to be checked)

—>strings inside other projects

–>you can add strings which are not in the main program.

->strings which are in the main program can be replaced

–>add your own language to SmartTranslator

—>add strings inside existing programs

—>add strings inside form.language

—>add strings inside form.translation

—>add strings inside function.language

—>add strings inside function.translation

—>add strings inside procedure.language

—>add strings inside procedure.translation

—>add strings inside other controls.language

—>add strings inside other controls.translation

—>add strings inside drawing.language

—>add strings inside drawing.translation

—>add strings inside listbox.language

—>add strings inside listbox.translation

—>add strings inside other controls

—>add strings inside other controls.language

—>add strings inside


What’s New in the?

Creates projects in other languages (including all strings)
Allows you to translate an Project to a new language in one minute
Saves you time by translating only once
Creates compilable applications
No Extra Tools
All Strings are translated automatically
Database storing all Strings is more compilable in comparison to storing them in a string table
SmartTranslator is multi-threaded and supports Unicode


DmakeLocalize (VCL – like makeLocalize)
I’ve used it for localized applications over the years. DmakeLocalize (by Alexei) is a version of it for Delphi, and it works well.
It works.
It’s not free, and requires a licence. There is a 30 day trial.
It has a significant footprint because of the database it uses (and it’s quite complex and very efficient)
It’s slow, and it’s slow to translate strings
It requires a separate version of D2007 or later to run, for the database, etc.
You have to edit the application file by hand, or use the DmakeLocalize component.
It requires you to store your translations in a dedicated database.


I have used the ‘Delphi MultiLanguage Generator’ from the Borland web site
It has worked well for me, however I’ve noticed that it does not, as a default, create any localized resources for you, so you’ll have to populate your resources yourself.
I would suggest, after installing the tool, that you try the Localize Delphi XE3 demo that comes with the tools:

You’ll be able to start with a localizable desktop app, and then have the other functionality of the tool added to it over time.


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20GB of available storage
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