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During a live presentation it is most of the times required to emphasize certain bits of text or elements displayed on screen. This can easily be done with the help of specialized applications such as Sketch It! which enables you to draw anything, anywhere on your screen.
Use hotkeys to activate features
Running the application brings up brief details regarding what the application is capable of. In only a matter of seconds you start putting it to good use, because the clever design lets you quickly accommodate.
The application spends most of its time hidden in the system tray to leave all desktop space available. By pressing custom combination of keys, you are able to draw anywhere on your screen. This is done with a brush of customizable color and thickness.
Unfortunately, there is no implemented function that allows you to set transparency, so that you can better emphasize text. In case any mistakes are made, the reverse can be done with an eraser option.
Capture activity on your screen
Additionally, you are able to quickly take a screenshot of desktop activity and have it saved to file or just copied to the clipboard to use in other applications.
However, hotkey support only stretches as far as drawing is concerned. In order to capture activity on your screen, the main window needs to be brought up every time. Moreover, you cannot set a default destination for pictures to be automatically saved.
In conclusion
To sum it up, Sketch It! is a handy assistant that aids you when taking part in a presentation. It can also provide support in schools or help you relax after a hard day at work. Limited features keep it from being the best of its kind, but nor is it too straightforward to lack any usability.


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Create drawings on the screen.
Create a group of actions to be executed one after another.
Assign actions to different keyboard keys.
Set the number of actions in one group.
Assign actions to a cursor.
You can create a screen-sized action with a single keystroke.
Draw shapes, text, arrows, lines or circles on the screen.
Select one of the actions and it will be executed on the screen.
Copy and paste the screen content to other applications.
Click a picture on the desktop and it will be copied to the clipboard.
You can hide the application from the system tray.
The application saves screenshots to a folder.
You can set a shortcut key combination for any action.
You can change the foreground and background colors.
Sketch It! can be downloaded for free from Windows Store.
Sketch It! is a nice utility to quickly make nice drawings on the screen. You can group different actions and the entire group can be executed one after another. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to any action. You can easily copy and paste the screen content to other applications. You can take screenshots and it saves them automatically. You can quickly create a hotkey combination for any action.
Sketch It! Screenshots:
Sketch It! in Action Screenshots:
Sketch It! Tips & Tricks:
There is a built-in template that gives you a starting point.
You can create group of actions and assign a hotkey to one of them.
You can create screen-sized action with a single keystroke.
You can drag and drop an action to another location.
The application automatically launches on Windows 10.
You can share screenshots with contacts.
You can set a shortcut key combination for any action.
There is an option to move the application to the system tray.
The application saves screenshots to a folder.
Sketch It! Cheats:
There is no built-in cheat engine.
There is no achievement system.
There are no power-ups.
There is no multiplayer mode.
Sketch It! Forum:
There is no official forum.
There is no cloud-based saving of user preferences.
There are no user reviews available.
There are no recommended apps for Sketch It!.
Questions & Answers
Sketch It! Answer:
There is no built-in

Sketch It!

A simple macro recorder, able to capture keystrokes, mouse clicks and mouse movements.
It can also work as a powerful shortcut recorder and can create as many shortcuts as you need.
Macros can be saved in “.swf” format.
KEYMACRO Features:
Capture your mouse activity
Record user-defined macro
Save macros to file
Record macros from browser
Full featured
KEYMACRO Screenshot:


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Sketch It!

What’s New In Sketch It!?

Sketch It! is a live presentation and whiteboard screen capture tool.
With a hotkey combo, you can activate Sketch It! and immediately start drawing or copy and paste image to the clipboard.
With the built in color pallet, you can draw, outline, fill, or erase items.
Full screen captures.
Image capture to clipboard.
Audio recording.
Print screen capture to file.
Notepad for easily saving images to file.
Sketch It! was tested on Windows XP SP2.
Tech Specs:
System requirements:
64 bit compatible Windows Operating Systems
RAM: 512MB
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
Graphics: ATI Radeon X800
DirectX: 9.0

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By default, if you’re installing Game Maker 8 on Windows 8/10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, it won’t be enabled by default and you’ll need to activate it.
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System Requirements For Sketch It!:

Windows – 2000 or later
Windows – Server 2003 or later
Mac OS X – 10.6 or later
Linux – 2.6 or later
Minimum Requirements:
Windows – XP or later
Windows – Server 2008 or later
Mac and Linux support is not officially announced yet.
A fully working and stable client is needed for online play.
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