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Shutter Malayalam Movie Download

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shutter island is more than a mystery story. it’s a parable about the nature of perception, about the way time moves, and about the malleability of memory. it’s a parable about the nature of consciousness, about the way we present ourselves to each other. what the view of the film reveals is that perception – all perception – is a charade, a performance as well as an exchange of ideas. an act of faith and a kind of alchemy. one in which the known and the unknown must finally harmonize.
you definitely don’t need any experience with the x-files or twin peaks, but i can’t imagine a more entertaining and provocative thriller. directed by the british duo who brought us last year’s superb “28 days later”, john coyle and andy goddard, this is the best of 2010 so far – well, maybe only the best up until now. with julianne moore and casey affleck in the lead roles, shutter island showcases everything that’s good about big-scale american action movies. mystery, betrayal, and a dark twist on the nature of perception are all pretty good things.
the movie director’s purpose, both in this and in into the wild, isn’t to acquaint us with the life and times of chris mccandless but to use the guy as a lightning rod for a philosophically resonant debate. he believes in living alone, in solitude, because he believes that his spirit isn’t shaped by what people think, by what people around him think.
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