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Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake did not fall in love for three years and nine weeks.
One evening in 1887, she told her friend that she wanted to get married and that her growing age difference with Cyril weighed on her. She confessed to everything. Bets confirmed.
The names are in the diary: Sissy von Kaufmann, June 3, 1887; Portia Griffiths, June 9, 1889; Betsy Balsa, June 10, 1888; Isis De Morst, June 11, 1886.
They intended to find their own husbands before they were 18 years old. They had no intention of killing or torturing their victim.
In order to write such a theory, one has to go through a lot. I turned to two great women who were staunch opponents of marriage for help.
They justified their unwillingness to marry legally by traditional
Widows and widows from high society
Young Isis de Morst was sent to the old school for a while so that she could calmly reflect on her behavior. Then she was sent to a rich estate, and in such a position that she had something to talk about. There, according to her, she realized that she was expecting a child. She wanted to get married and squeeze her feelings into a fist. It seemed to her that it was too late to open her heart to a loving person. She had no choice but to try to get pregnant and support the child.
But she was not a happy woman. One night, she discovered that she had become a mother, but then Sissil appeared. His family was in straitened circumstances. His father was fired from his position, so he took Isis under his protection. Isis gratefully accepted the help. Sometimes she regretted that she could not tell the young man that she loved him, but she was afraid that he would perceive this as a weakness.
Three months later, Isis noticed that she was pregnant again. She wasn’t happy. Probably because of Sissil, she thought. He will not love her child because he is not her son.
Then Isis became pregnant, but she did not tell anyone about it, because she did not want it to become known. She knew she would be unhappy if she kept everything a secret. Soon Betsy came from the cottage to tell Isis the good news: her mother was getting married.
Isis married Cyril and soon bore him a daughter. Her family left her most of the fortune, but her vanity was hurt: she knew how to obi



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