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Trading and keeping track of the current market situation is no longer something only people who already have money can do.
Nowadays, pretty much anyone that has access to the Internet can access a variety of market monitoring tools, allowing them to take part in the biggest economical fluctuations in the world.
Quantower is a modern and high-performance trading platform that was created for both experienced traders and beginners alike, as long as they know what each value means.
A customizable app that lets you watch only the things you want to
Quantower benefits from wide customization, modularity, and progressive solutions, thus allowing this trading software can meet the specific needs of even the most demanding traders.
This means that while the app is designed to monitor the FX, Stocks, Futures, Options, Cryptos and ETF markets, you can customize it to only watch the ones you need, removing unneeded screen clutter from the equation.
Read charts, make money
Quantower has combined the best charting and analytical functionality in one application, allowing you to assess the current state of the market, basically letting you know when it is cheap enough to buy and valuable enough to sell and turn a profit.
Since no market is monopolized by one single trader, Quantower allows multiple simultaneous connections to different brokers.
Beginners who know the basics of stock trading but aren't yet ready to risk actual money can also use this program as a simulator, effectively simulating real-world scenarios and see whether they have an innate ability for online trading or not.
Get started with online trade today
Seamless integration with an industry-leading data feeds that allow the execution of any listed equities, options or futures across the Americas, EMEA and APAC are what make Quantower a leading tool in your quest for making money trading online.







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– Modern and feature-packed charting and monitoring application
– Allows for simultaneous connection with multiple brokers
– Specialized protocols and API’s for live trading
– Multi-asset monitoring
– Real time orders/quotes and latest tick values
– Includes online trading simulation module
– Simple and intuitive graphical interface
– Detailed monitoring of historical data
– Optimized charting and configuration
– 7-day free access option
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Quantower Crack Mac key features:
– RSI and ADX indicators
– Support for over 200 cryptocurrency trading pairs
– Live orders and quotes
– Trading simulation
– Supported trading pairs include futures, stocks, bonds, etc.
– TZ tracking and payment type detection
– You can make money trading every day of the week
– Regular updates and support
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“Very intuitive and user-friendly.”
Easy, quick, and effective.
Better and more efficient than any other trading platform
“Best software in this type of trading.”
“Can recommend to all trader, whether beginner or expert.”
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“The best and most robust screen with the most customizable options for multiple exchanges.”
“Kann eine der besten Anwendungen dieser Art.”
“Um ein solches Produkt in meinem eigenen Netzwerk zu erschaffen, war es ganz entscheidend, dieses Programm, dass es eine ganze Vielzahl von Optionen gibt, wie wir wollen, die sofort genutzt werden können, zu finden.”
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Forget bulky and old-fashioned solutions,
learn how to master the art of online trading
The fact is that today, most people do not know how to trade, even though the world is transforming at an unprecedented pace.
This all means there is a giant gap in all the knowledge needed to succeed in this industry.
Undoubtedly, the most important thing is to educate yourself, and the best way to do it is to find a trading system that will enable you to learn, practice and finally become a pro!
Quantower has the answer to your problems.
We built this platform with the aim of solving the problems that online traders, with various interests and experience levels, face day in, day out.
Quantower is the perfect answer to those issues since the platform boasts the following features:
Simple to use
Quantower is a customized trading platform that was designed to be simple and straightforward. This is achieved by being intelligent enough to modify the application’s functionality and user experience depending on the user’s experience level.
Integrated services
Quantower is not just a series of tools that show charts, but a complete trading environment.
This means that you don’t have to deal with numerous vendors that only charge you for their services,
but can rely on a single system that integrates multiple features to power your trading to greatness.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, it doesn’t matter.
Quantower is developed so that you can fully customize your application for your trading needs.
Whether you need a wide range of options, like a trading platform,
an auto-trader, charts, or indicators, we’ve got you covered.
Advanced Trading
For users who want a trading simulator or just want to get their feet wet in the world of online trading,
Quantower has you covered. Whether you want to make money quickly or are willing to risk up to $5,000,
our team has you covered.
This is probably the most obvious feature of the entire Quantower app, but it is worth listing just the same.
The interface, simple and clean, is meant to be used daily,
even by beginners.
The full and detailed help section is available right on the first startup of the application,
thus making it more likely that you’ll be able to master the platform and carry out your trades properly.
You can also get help by contacting our 24/7 customer

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So you want to make money online and you have access to the Internet?
This program, Quantower, is what you need.
As a simple, user-friendly and transparent trading platform it allows you to easily enter and exit trades, which is exactly what you need to start making money trading on the Internet.
Ways to make money using Quantower?
With the help of Quantower you can do these things:
– Trade in a number of various markets like forex, index futures, indices and commodities with just one account.
– Make money buying or selling the prices of a range of securities such as stocks, bonds and options.
– Easily set up your own personalized forecasting station to gain exclusive access to the latest prices.
– Easily connect to popular financial news and data feeds that will allow you to integrate the latest financial data in your personalized station.
– Set up and access trading accounts in your browser, so that you can add and remove any additional brokers at any given time.
– Generate income thanks to the great tax report (with cost and tax calculator included) provided by Quantower.
So what is this program?
Quantower is a leading online trading platform designed and developed by experienced traders for traders who understand that no one trading system works in every market.
Because of its simplicity it can offer you more opportunities than any other trader could offer you, making you a winner in the market.
Quantower is a trading platform that gives you opportunities to make money regardless of the market you are trading in or which exchange you are on.
Quantower is a solid opportunity for anyone with a keen interest in online trading.
The world of market traders is changing, and many of the popular trading platforms are obsolete and no longer offer the features needed to compete in the modern world of online trading.
Quantower was created by traders for traders. We wanted a place where anyone could pick up a trade no matter the situation.
Quantower combines many things into one package, making it a more helpful trading platform than what it’s competitors have to offer.
Both beginners and experienced traders have benefited from our system, and it has delivered better and more profitable results than anything else available to traders.
Now, you can easily and safely enter and exit transactions online, thus avoiding unnecessary regulatory red tape from taking advantage of a wide range of trading opportunities.
Quantower allows you to connect to a wide range of different money brokers in any part of the world, so

What’s New In Quantower?

Create, save and trade positions in the Most Popular Indices and Forex products

Real time streaming markets data from our data feeds

Buy and sell any traded security listed on CME, OTC and over-the-counter markets

Access built-in Trading APIs for compatibility with any other trading software

Small to large trade sizes with instant order execution.

Quick execution in real-time and a lack of bid-ask spread due to the underlying technology.

Quick Trading Platform

Watch Trading Charts

With Zero Commitment, 30 day Risk-Free Trial

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System Requirements For Quantower:

OS: Windows 7/8.1 (64bit)
Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core Processor
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX 480
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 64GB
Additional Notes: You will need a USB Type-C to HDMI cable to connect the controller to the device.
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