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Prolog+CG Crack License Key Full (Updated 2022)

Prolog+CG Crack Mac is a simple application designed to provide you with a Java implementation of Prolog, a programming language used for computational linguistics.
The application comes with support for conceptual graphs, which makes it suitable for knowledge representation and formal narratology.

You can think of this application as an instance of the now famous Curry-Howard correspondence.


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Prolog+CG With Product Key Download [April-2022]


Prolog+CG Crack Patch With Serial Key

+ Reads Prolog source files and allows you to process them into a Prolog-based, form-based, procedural knowledge representation system, a conceptual graph, etc.
+ Reads HTML and RDF, with support for defining properties for classes, relations and properties.
+ Includes a Prolog+CG UI and also a Prolog+CG CLI.
+ Designed for personal use.
+ GUI for Prolog+CG

The Prolog+CG GUI is an easy way to work with Prolog+CG. It allows you to view, edit and execute conceptual graphs with complete support for a number of features.
The Prolog+CG CLI allows you to create and run Prolog+CG programs, on demand, on a specified Java Virtual Machine.

More information about Prolog+CG can be found on

I tried to compile it on my Windows 8 machine. The compiler produces the following error:
Error: Unable to resolve module descriptor for javax.activation:javax.activation.spi:jar:1.2

I am unable to find any source about this problem. Does someone know how to fix this problem?


The following question does not help you to solve the issue, but helps you to find the cause:
Error: Unable to resolve module descriptor for javax.activation:javax.activation.spi:jar:1.2

In order to do that, simply read the question again. This time, it should give you the link to the cause of the problem:

Error: Unable to resolve module descriptor for javax.activation:javax.activation.spi:jar:1.2

In that case, you can find the solution there:

Error: Unable to resolve module descriptor for javax.activation:javax.activation.spi:jar:1.2

If you still have a hard time with it, go to this site:

In there, you can find the actual solution to the problem.
If that does not help you, I can provide more details.


I too faced the same problem and solved it as follows:

Enable WSO2 Carbon

What’s New in the?

System Requirements For Prolog CG:

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