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PPPatchY! is a widget that will display a patch for the Father Christmas’s trousers. This patch has been made to repair the Father Christmas’s pants
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PPPatchY! Activation Code is a widget that will display a patch for the Father Christmas’s trousers.

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PPPatchY! Serial Key

The father christmas is ready to go to the abode with the children. however, he needed to find pants to go with his suit. And the next day he couldnt seem to find them. so he called on the holiday elf helper. in an attempt to get in-charge, the holiday elf helper said “I will give you the pants you need, if you give me a patch,” and the father Christmas agreed and gave him a old patch. the Holiday elf helper says, “The patch can be applied on the most sore spot, but it is only for the small patch, not big ones!”
then the Holiday elf helper left and the father Christmas couldnt find a big enough patch for his pants, he headed back to the Holiday elf helper. in the attempt to prove his patch patchman skills, the father Christmas agreed, but he now couldnt find his pants. so he went over to the red-o-rubby pants and found a patch. he then applied the patch on the pants and after that he found his pants.
the father Christmas went to his abode ready to head out, he has the pants but a patch on his pants. and he head to the mall and dropped of the pants and got a suit. now he wears the suit and his pants with the patch. he says, “Elves, I don’t know how you did it, but Christmas has a new patch!” and the elves are saying, “But you have patched your pants!”
end description
can you find the patch?
things to remember
■ You can only use one patch.
■ you can only use 1 patch.
This is a basic tutorial and to find all the patches use the unpatched patch patchman.
thanks for watching, please feel free to leave comments or email me at

Thank you


What’s New in the PPPatchY!?

PPPatchY! is a widget that will display a patch for the Father Christmas’s trousers. This patch has been made to repair the Father Christmas’s pants. Note:
■This widget needs to be personalized by selecting the exact one you would like to use and then please go to the next step
■You can use this widget to your own personal enjoyment without any licensing restrictions
Please Note:
■This software has been produced for personal use only, and not to be used commercially or for any personal gain
■Displays the Father Christmas on other sites are not allowed
■If you would like to use this widget on another site please send me an email on with a link to this site and a message saying that you are aware of the widget and the widget was provided by me.
■I reserve the right to remove and/or terminate the use of this widget by any person for any reason.Not sure if anyone knows about this, but I came across it while browsing Google News. Details are a little unclear but apparently there is a “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell” film in development. May mean nothing, but I would be surprised if it is a sequel. I guess what is interesting is that Far Cry 3 was announced a couple of months ago. Anyone know more?


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11 Responses to “Tomb Raider or Far Cry 2?”

I wouldn’t mind seeing either of those make it. I don’t know much about Far Cry at all, and I haven’t really played the Tomb Raider games but I’m sure they’d be great.

I believe the first game is more likely though. All we really have to go on is a movie being made about it, and a tie-in game called Split Second, which according to the site, never happened.

I don’t think it has any bearing on Far Cry 2, so there would be nothing similar in terms of storyline or

System Requirements For PPPatchY!:

To play you must own a copy of Mother Russia Bleeds, or have access to one via Steam.
To play you must own the DLC: The Centaur’s Daughter.
Game Version
This article is about the PC version of Mother Russia Bleeds.
Contents show]
A decade of war divides Russia into two unequal factions. The southern quarter is occupied by the Red Army, while the northern is ruled by the Centaur’s Daughter, a secret society that has made the transition from Leninism to theocracy.