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This is a simple VST plugin that you simply plug into your VST plugin host and use. You can then either move the phase of your audio or choose to let it take its default phase and simply shift that. You’ll have to use the Meter to determine where your audio should be in relation to your source signal. Once you find it there, you can just hit the clock and it will lock the audio in that position.
The perfect time to use this plugin is when you are making mixes and are experiencing phase issues between two of your audio sources.
Some people have found this plugin to be especially helpful when the audio they are recording from something like their phone has an unstable connection where the signal lags behind and causes phase issues. It’s also great when you’re mixing and going for that popular “I don’t hear anything” feel!
How To Install:
If you are on Windows:
– Download and run the installer
– The plug-in should be added to your VST plugins folder
If you are on Mac:
– The plug-in should be included in your VST install
– Double click on PhaseBug.VST
– Place the.VST file in your VSTs folder
– Open your VST host (or any VST) and drag PhaseBug.VST in
– You’ll get a dialog box saying you need to add plugin for recording
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This plugin can be used to shift the phase of any audio input by a given amount of time or in an amount of time. The amount is given by the time controls. The time controls range from 0.001 seconds to 10 seconds. So you could shift audio by 0.001, 0.002, 0.003 etc. seconds.
It also has three other options that you can use to adjust the output of the plugin. By default they are all set to the same settings as the time controls. In case you want to switch between them you can use the menu at the bottom of the plugin window. You can choose between:
■ Mix output
■ Wet
■ Dry
■ Mix
■ Dry
■ Wet

Two knobs are also available for adjusting the output of the plugin. The way the knobs function is to adjust the settings of the Mix output, Dry output and the Wet output respectively. For example, if you turn the knob to the right the Mix output turns up, so the effect gets more noticeable in the output.
In case you want to adjust the settings for the Dry and the Wet outputs just press the up or down arrow keys in the menu at the bottom of the plugin window.
When you are happy with your settings you can press the reset button located in the menu at the bottom of the plugin window to start over.
■ The plugin has presets that you can load directly from the plugin. The presets are of a very simple form that you can load directly from the preset menu.
■ In order to use the Shift feature you need to use an external oscillator with an input signal connected to it. You can use the plugin to adjust the phase of that signal. It works on any type of external oscillator or synth you may have. So it is a good starting point for audio production.
■ If you find a problem with the Shift function you can use the “Reset” button in the menu at the bottom of the plugin window to reset it.

Kontakt (version 5.0 and above)

Version 5.0 of Kontakt includes a multi-modal shift feature. You can set the amount of shift in time by using the time controls.
You can also use the shift controls and mix, wet and dry functions to adjust the output of the plugin.
The shift controls range from 0

What’s New in the?

PhaseBug is a plugin for mixing a pair of audio signals by shifting their phase.
Two incoming audio signals are mixed such that the delay between the two is reduced
and by adjusting the phase of one of the signals, the time delay and phase relationship of the signals can be matched.
■ Implemented as an AudioUnit plug-in, the input and output buses are processed at the same time.

Set the phase of the incoming signals with the controls, and then mix them with the output bus. The output signal is produced with the appropriate amount of delay, but with the new phase relationship.


Double the resolution of the phase / time position slider, allowing for very fine adjustments to the phase of the audio signal.

Built-in delay / phase calculator, for use with the track rate slider.

User input gain control for each input.

Automation functions and automation curve.

Fixed phase shift calculation, phase can be specified in percentage.

User setting for host CPU power usage.

Preset SIZE controllable from 50% to 250%, for faster or slower CPU usage.

Album Art can be displayed in preview window.

Insert and delete audio signals, add and remove audio buses.

8 preset AudioUnit formats for conversion.

For full details and reviews, see the PASP AudioUnit plugin page on the PASP website.
For full details and documentation, see the PASP Documentation page on the PASP website.
PhaseBug can be downloaded from the PASP website.

Version 5.0 (October 2015)

Version 5.0 is now available,
and the download is available in the following format:

If you want to try it,
download the “” file from the PASP website.

In V5.0 there is a more powerful configuration system than in previous versions,
and also, the controls have been redesigned.
As the host needs to receive feedback from the plugin at the same time as sending audio data
to it, it’s now possible to configure this more easily and to get far more feedback.
There is also a brand new configuration editor.

It is also possible to set how the delay / phase calculator works,
and in this version, the phase curve can be set to apply a fixed offset rather than a fixed percent
of the incoming signal, which will make the phase values more accurate, and also be more time-efficient.
Also, a new AudioUnit is included, which allows for integration into other hosts.

Because so many people asked for it, you can now adjust the phase of each audio signal, and set the host CPU usage,
and the new version now

System Requirements:

– Ubuntu 12.04 or newer (Since v2.6)
– ATI Radeon HD 4670 or newer
– Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @ 2.8GHz or newer
– 1GB of RAM
– 3GB of available hard drive space
– DirectX 10 compatible with minimum (DX10/DX11) graphics settings
– 1024×768 screen resolution
– Recommended (1366×768) screen resolution
– You will need to use the Wine version 1.3.24 or newer, compatible with Windows