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Overloud American Classics Rig Library-R2R NEW!


Overloud American Classics Rig Library-R2R

you really can’t say that you have a good synthesizer, if it doesn’t come with good effects; as a result, we licensed the full vkfx digital effects suite from one of the top effects developers in overloud. these vkfx effects were said to be some of the top of the line effects.

list of libraries included in the release :

  • 2.66 khz: chops. 2.66 khz : overloud.chops
  • 24 khz: chops. 24 khz : overloud.chops
  • 44.1 khz: chops. 44.1 khz : overloud.chops
  • 32 khz: chops. 32 khz : overloud.chops
  • 48 khz: chops. 48 khz : overloud.chops
  • 50 khz: chops. 50 khz : overloud.chops
  • 70 khz: chops. 70 khz : overloud.chops
  • 80 khz: chops. 80 khz : overloud.chops
  • 110 khz: chops. 110 khz : overloud.chops
  • 170 khz: chops. 170 khz : overloud.chops
  • 192 khz: chops. 192 khz : overloud.chops

overloud has included some new presets in their latest library. they are, however, not new but were made by, miki o., who has already made the following libraries: the wav library. the wav library-analog. the wav library-mix. the wav library-modern tech. the wav library-oni..

the overloud gem eq550 v1.1.4 is modeled after a famous american equalizer built using dedicated op amps and is known for its unique proportional-q design, meaning that the filter bandwidth narrows as the filter gain increases.
notable features:
unique proportional-q design, meaning the filter bandwidth becomes narrow
when the filter gain is increased.

vocs 30c1 is the th-u expansion library, created by choptones, seeking to recreate the sound of an authentic vox ac30..
for the best results, please create a new virtual instrument preset. overloud may be used to create new virtual instruments presets and. overloud.rig.library-r2r overloud.choptones.fendedge.vocs.30c1.add.a.mp1.overloud.library-r2r