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# cd /home//


# cd “`dir`”


a=$(find / -name zenity.desktop)

#echo “zenity”

a=$(echo $a | grep zenity.desktop | awk ‘{print $9}’)

#echo $a

# cd

cd “$dir”



#[[ “$a” ]]

#cd zenity.desktop

#[[ “$a” ]]

#zenity –entry –width 1000 –height 500 –title=” –text=”See more options…” –cancel-button=Cancel –ok-button=OK –No-Tick-check=”true”

xdmcp -f -f /dev/pts/3/slave/kali:0

xdmcp -f -f /dev/pts/3/slave/kali:0

#xdmcp -f -f /dev/pts/3/slave/kali:0


#xdmcp -f -f /dev/pts/3/slave/kali:0



# LANG=en_US


[ -f /etc/bash_completion ] &&. /etc/bash_completion

finish() {

if [[ $# == “1” ]]; then

if [[ $1 == “z” ]]; then
exit 0

Which OS?




Which version of Kali?





Safety parameters during the treatment period.


DISCUSSION {#sec1-4}

The present study revealed that NaClO was not inferior to heparin in lowering the rate of thrombus formation in patients with acute DVT. Sodium hypochlorite, an oxidant agent, has wide clinical applications. Sodium hypochlorite is often used as an antiseptic in wound irrigation. It has the capacity of removing organic matter and inactivating microorganisms. In addition, it can oxidize nonbiodegradable molecules. It can also oxidize biological cells and cause surface changes. It was demonstrated that sodium hypochlorite could directly kill bacteria, fungi, and enveloped viruses. It could also oxidize lipid components of human body, which resulted in cell lysis and degradation of human body.\[[@ref14]\] In this study, we used NaClO to remove thrombi. At the end of the procedure, the thrombi were removed, and the DVT was made in the calf

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When Carlton Cuse left television—he has been producing and writing for shows like ” Bates Motel ” and ” Lost “—came rumors that he was interested in bringing Lost back. Cuse did not deny any of those reports and even had a friend Tweeting about the idea.

But his move to another network shows there is no interest in bringing back Lost for Cuse. “CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said the network is not interested in bringing back the cult hit and that executives decided not to renew it after its 10th season. ”

In fact, the network gave the word to cancel ABC’s Thursday night comedy ” Happy Endings ” on November 29, giving the show a full nine-episode order to continue as ABC’s midseason entry.

Tassler said the network’s programming strategy is focused on the fall and network’s new shows like “Memphis Beat” and “The Nine.” She cited “Memphis Beat” as a show that should help the network if they promote it properly.

According to Tassler, what she sees in Lost is the emotional factor and it is a show that lends itself to continuing. “When you are on the air for a year, you have a moment,” she said. “The moment is gone after one year. You have to build the audience again.”

Cuse is also writing new shows for his studio and taking his time to develop those. ” I think he has a very good idea of what he is doing and where he is going, so I am not worried,” she said.

As far as the roles Cuse has asked her to cast, he has just asked for a few actors for fall shows like “Person of Interest,” Tassler said. She said the network is not yet ready to