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If you are reading this, then chances are you already know all about Zimbra, one of the world's most popular open source email, calendaring, file sharing services.
Importing your emails into Zimbra Desktop can be done in a couple of ways but the most straightforward method seems to be by import them from .tgz or tar.gz archives.
As its name clearly states, BitRecover MBOX to Zimbra Wizard is a straightforward piece of software designed from the ground up to make it as simple as possible for you to migrate email data from MBOX to one of the aforementioned formats supported by Zimbra Desktop.
Subtle installation process and straightforward UI
Considering that .NET Framework 4.0 or later is present on your computer's system, the installation process should be a very smooth and hassle-free process.
The application sports a non-impressive and quite simplistic user interface that seems a bit outdated. Nevertheless, thanks to an intuitive layout that resembles that of an email client, every feature feels like it is always within your reach.
Convert MBOX to TGZ archives with no more than a few mouse clicks
Working with this utility is hardly challenging, as you are only required to load the MBOX files from their location or load their home folder and click the 'Save' button, from the top toolbar.
This said, you are instantly provided with a clear view of the overall conversion process thanks to a compact window with two progress bars. Still, before you actually go through with the conversion process, you should know that the app also offers you the possibility to change the date format.
Offers limited options when it comes to changing the date format
Unfortunately, this means that you need to first visit the app's Options section and pick one of the three templates.
While we're still on the subject of pointing out things that could be better, we should mention the lack of support for drag and drop, a feature that would have certainly made BitRecover MBOX to Zimbra Wizard a bit more efficient.
Quickly convert MBOX files to Zimbra-supported format
Taking everything into account, BitRecover MBOX to Zimbra Wizard is a decent and efficient utility that allows you to migrate your email data from Thunderbird, PowerMail, Postbox and many others to Zimbra Desktop.


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