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Messenger Detect is, in essence, a keylogger that monitors chat software on your local area network and records it secretly into logs that can be viewed, exported or sent via email.
Considering its purpose, Messenger Detect may seem a little inappropriate, but as it turns out, fans make quite the crowd, as in the case of any other keylogger.
Although spying on employees and family members is not compliant with the definition of morality, there are border line situations that require such a tool.
Messenger Detect is a qualified candidate, although unlike most keyloggers, it concentrates only on chat sessions rather than the whole computer activity. It can record continuously chats from Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL, ICQ, Google Talk and several others.
The recording process is carried out by a hidden service, thus removing all suspicions that the computer is being monitored in any way. Also, the service is set to start at system boot, so you don’t have to run it manually each time.
Moreover, Messenger Detect has been built for multi-user systems, thus it can monitor and record chats for all the Windows users detected on the computer it runs on.
If, for some reason, you want to skip recording chats from a certain IP address, you can set the application to ignore it. Consequently, if you’re using a proxy server, you should specify it under its Options window, so that it’s taken into consideration.
Recorded logs are categorized by date, IP address and chat type and can be uploaded to a FTP server, attached to an email or simply exported to HTML or text format for later use.
Absolutely everything is password protected, including access to the application or to its settings and logs. The password is set from the first use, but can be changed from inside the program.
All of the above suggest that Messenger Detect makes a decent spy, but it’s too bad that chat sessions are its only target. A real keylogger provides extensive monitoring options for the whole computer activity, not for parts of it.







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Messenger Detect will monitor your incoming and outgoing chats and users, as well as their conversations.
There are no ads or survey questionnaires. All data collected is stored in an encrypted and password protected database on the user’s hard disk.
It has an unattended service, which automatically starts at each system boot. If the user wants to completely remove the recording, she can clean the database manually. There is a cleaning log and a full audit trail.
You can download Messenger Detect (tested in the versions 7.5, 7.6, 8.0 and 8.1) from SourceForge.
Important: Messenger Detect is not compatible with Live Messenger (oddly enough), but with all other applications included in the Pro version.
You can join the service right away for free.
You have the option of registering with the service (either free or paid) and you can choose your package options at that time.
Once you’ve paid, you can return to your Membership Options to change the size of the logs you wish to record, or to purchase extra storage.
You can download Messenger Detect for free (tested version: 7.3.1), view the full list of features and documentation.

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Messenger Detect 3.93 Crack+ Registration Code For PC

Messenger Detect Crack For Windows is a spyware-as-a-service that can be installed and used in the following ways:

In the beginning, you will notice that the application looks and acts a little different from other software.

It features a special “Messenger Detect” title in the Control Panel, and the settings window has been renamed as Options.

The logs window, despite its name, logs only chat sessions and not the regular computer activity.

Account settings also look different

A “Pro” license key, can be used for the trial run, while a “Personal” license key is required to purchase the application.

To avoid any suspicion that you’re not trying to see if an employee is cheating on his/her boss, you have to log in with a valid username and password of the computer you want to monitor.

If you purchase Messenger Detect for the full version, the trial period is over, and the application will install itself.

If a computer has been monitored, it will be entered into the log list.

Messenger Detect Download

If you have already installed a keylogger, an official Messenger Detect installer will be right in the Control Panel. Otherwise, the application needs to be added manually.

Once installed, the new application will not cause any changes to your computer’s appearance.

The application can be uninstalled using the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

Messenger Detect in Action

Messenger Detect can record Windows Live Messenger chats, and more than 10 chat programs can be supported.

If the active chat program is a Windows Live Messenger and you want to monitor this type of chat only, the application is able to add this chat program to the logs.

Also, you can stop recording from any specified chat program, by clicking the X at the top right corner of the chat window.

How to Remove Messenger Detect

To remove Messenger Detect from the system, click on the Exe icon on the desktop and press the Open button.

Find and Open Messenger Detect.exe from the list of installed applications.

Right click on Messenger Detect.exe and choose the “Uninstall” option, as shown below.

Press the Yes button in the following window and you are done.

Messenger Detect Installation

Following the on-screen instructions, press “Next” to accept the general End

Messenger Detect 3.93 Free

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What’s New In?

Messenger Detect is a small program available for free that can log all chats on your LAN.
This program monitors all text, files, e-mail, multimedia, spreadsheets etc. and saves that information in logs.
The logs can be viewed, exported to HTML, text or others formats as specified in the program settings.
The logs can be sent through email (as an attachment), FTP or via the Internet on port 80.
The program makes a low noise, so you don’t have to fear if it is installed on someone else’s machine.
The log files contain all chat messages including e-mail messages and attachments.
After installation, logging is activated right after system boot. The user can deactivate it at any time.

Free Download

Messenger Detect Editor lets you change the file name, description, activation date and so on.

You can also set how long the logs are kept (e.g. a week) before they’re deleted.

Load log files from a FTP server (so you don’t have to email them around) or load them directly from hard disk using folder or file search.

Save log files directly to HTML, TXT, PHTML, XML, CSV, RTF, MS Word (DOC) or MS Excel (XLS) formats.

Messenger Detect can save to FTP server (e.g. Yahoo!, FileZilla or others).

Use the editor to change the background color of Messenger Detect window.

You can easily organize and manage logs folders.

Messenger Detect has been written in pure C/C++ and requires only 44 KB of space on your system.
The installation of this small program is pretty simple. In fact, it’s so quick that you’ll be looking at the program name in the system tray, with the message “Messenger Detect is running!” right before you quit the program.
The application is pretty good-looking. Despite its small size, it looks simple, and does not have any unnecessary functions.
You can check the working of this program by launching it from your system tray. The program will open its parent window, and then its log files window. All of them are clearly visible and can be switched to different tabs.
The logs window is placed in the lower part of the interface. If you maximize it, it will be displayed in the middle of the parent window.
Below the logs window there’s a list of them that you can

System Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
Memory: 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible graphics card with 1GB RAM, capable of supporting 2048 x 1536 resolution with a minimum of 32-bit color
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive Space: 10 GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection