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mentorgraphicspadsvxkeygensoftwarekIn the patent literature, the term “bioluminescence” has been defined as any “chemiluminescence produced by a catalytic reaction in which the reactants include at least one ATP-dependent enzymatic step of which the products are reactive oxygen molecules and a long-chain aldehyde, ketone, fatty acid, or similar relatively long-chain hydrocarbon” (Newton et al., 1994). International patent applications PCT/US88/01375 and PCT/US94/05815 define the catalytic reaction as oxidizing a photon-emitting substrate by an enzyme with an enzyme-bound oxygen-reactive metal (referred to as a metal-activated oxidase) and oxidizing this substrate to generate a photon-emitting product. The international patent application PCT/GB96/01357 defines the catalytic reaction as comprising oxidation of a photon-emitting substrate to a photon-emitting product, by a photon-emitting enzyme, and oxidizing a metal-activated oxidase, so as to generate peroxide. The PCT/GB96/01357 application claims and intends to be a worldwide-extending request for a patent for this invention. Oxidative reactions in an aqueous medium are well known. They can be represented as follows: A→B+C A+B→B+C A+B+C→A+B+C Such reactions are usually carried out by oxidising enzymes that require a metal (M) as cofactor for catalysis. The metal is normally bound to a protein subunit in the enzyme, so that the reaction is catalyzed by an enzyme that contains both the metal cofactor and an active site capable of binding the substrate, and catalyzing its oxidation. In the above model reactions, A and B can be peroxidase, oxidase or related oxidizing enzymes. A, B, C and M can be a redox centre, for example a haem-containing protein, or an oxidized metal. The cofactor M is reduced by the enzyme to M−. The above model reactions can then be represented as follows: A + B(M−) →B(M−) + C A + B(M−) + C → A + B(M−) + C A + B(M−) + C → A + 37a470d65a

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