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Ks2 Year 5 Literacy Homework


19 Grade 5 home study worksheets taken from our Grade 5 homework assignments.n ## Discover printable English worksheets and literacy resources with this collection.n English activity booklet language.n Thank you
The ultimate goal is to prepare the teacher and the consumer to teach others in such a way that all the necessary requirements for his knowledge are met. This becomes possible when the teacher focuses on the learning technology of a particular user. This technology is based on two strategies:
1. Ways to use information recorded on a dot matrix printer
As already mentioned, information is recorded on a dot matrix printer. First, several words are written on the matrix, and then their spelling is already specified. If there are words of different lengths, then the longest of them is written first and then rearranged to the end of the line.
You can write on the matrix by saving files of the same format or different files. So, when setting a long text on a matrix, errors easily occur. As a result, you either have to change the length of each word, or edit the entire text. Below is an example illustrating one of these errors:
stand for bottles
But if you carefully analyze the texts recorded on dot matrix printers, you will notice that two of them are very similar to each other. The differences are not very significant and are approximately equal to half a word (for example: there are no horseshoes), but in one the words are written with a hyphen, and in the other with a union.
You can also write one word with an extension icon and another word without an icon (for example, no full house), swapping the first character and the second (no word).
2. Functions of matrix records
So, you can write words in one way, but you can write in different ways. You just need to write a few words on one sheet. Further, if there are long texts, you can use the substitution-icon (stand-display) under the sheet with the text. Then you can already write on paper without fear of making a mistake. In addition, several words can be placed on a sheet at once.
It is very convenient to write exercises on the matrices, on which all the features of grammar are very clearly shown, there are verbs that are formed using various suffixes, etc.
Transferring words from a matrix to a notebook makes it possible to shorten lines, save paper, and also increase typing speed.
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