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Pandharpur region. The image is a rectangular sector, the edges of which are covered with a complex pattern of small circles of different sizes. One by one, the circles move in size towards each other. This arrangement of circles gives the impression that they are moving in rhythm with the song. In fact, only the circles of the 2nd and 3rd rings (2 + 2 = 4) move, which forms the pattern.
Around the image we see 5 rows of cells, one inside the other. Figure 15 shows what the pattern looks like on the left, showing only four rows. There are 3 open loops in the upper right corner of the triangle that move towards the center of the triangle. Therefore, we see that in three rows the cells are not arranged in a straight line. Not only they move, but also everything that is at the top of the triangle: circles, as well as the cells lying on top of them. The distances between adjacent cells in the first and third rows are not the same, the cells in the second and fourth are also moved relative to each other. Fig.15. The layout of the cells of the pattern
Rice. 15. Scheme of the pattern on the left. Castle construction with 3 levels. At the base is a triangle whose outer faces are equilateral triangles. At the vertices of the triangles there are light square cells. Each corner is numbered. The aspect ratio of the triangles is 3:4. Each triangle has 4 opposite sides, so the area of ​​a rectangle, parallelepiped, arch, arcade, trapezoid and faun, ellipse, etc. equal to the diagonal of the square. The diagonal of the square is called the height of the triangle, and in the horizontal parts of the figure, the diagonal is called the length of the side of the square, and the height is called the width.
The English musical term “lock” means “to lock, lock”. Also in relation to music, there are terms “door” (door), “window” (window), “carriage” (carriage).
Only humans can play Pandha. Silently put on a record and start playing – it’s impossible. Hindi Songs



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