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JSubViewer is an easy to use, Java based version of SubViewer. It can display a ‘subliminal slide-show’ of images, optionally accompanied by an MP3-file, as configured in an ‘*.svp’ file.







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JSubViewer 2022 Crack is an open source, Java-based program and program library for displaying
subliminal slide-shows of images.
JSubViewer Torrent Download Features:
> It is written in pure Java, which means that any computer on the planet,
> with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), will run JSubViewer Download With Full Crack without the need
> of an emulator or any other sort of software or hardware that is not
> standard on any computer.
> It is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
> and the GNU General Public License.
> It is available in all languages that have a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
> Currently, that means English (United States), German, French, Italian,
> Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
> It can display images from multiple sources, which is configured in an
> ‘*.svp’ file. The image files can be downloaded from a multitude of
> web-sites.
> It can record images, as configured in a ‘*.itp’ file. Recording of
> pictures is configured in a GUI.
> It can have music played through the program. The music files can be
> downloaded from web sites.
> JSubViewer is distributed with two sample ‘*.svp’ files for the
> display of images.
> It is distributed in three different packages: javasubviewer,
> javasubviewer-jre and javasubviewer-swing
> The Swing version of the program can be used on all platforms that
> have a Java Virtual Machine.
> The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4 or later JVM is required for the Swing version of the program.
> The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.3 JVM is required for the JRE version of the program.
> The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.2 JVM is required for the GTK 1.0 version of the program.
> JSubViewer has a document covering the complete installation process,
> as well as a complete tutorial, for its use. The Java2SubViewer User
> Guide is written in the easy-to-read ‘How To Do Stuff’ dialect.


JSubViewer Crack Mac is a java-based-application that allows you to quickly display a SubViewer in your own Java program. To use this application in your own program, you create a xml-configuration file and pass it to the JSubViewer-class:

Description of the included example file:

You can find the configuration file JSubViewerExample.svp in the directory Example. The configuration file contains a start-and-end-point for the subliminal slide show, a volume-label for the MP3-file and a path and filename to a directory that contains two sub-directories with images: ‘images’ and ‘presets’. The image-subliminal-slide show with your images and the accompanying MP3-file will be displayed in a JFrame which is created in the method ‘createAndShowGUI’. In this case, the images are displayed as an alternative of jpg-images.

JSubViewer Quick-Start

To use JSubViewer in your own program, you need the following:

A directory with images of the same size as the JFrame

Java 1.6 or higher


JSubViewer is a class library which is included as jar-file in the repository. So you only need to create a new project in NetBeans or Eclipse and add the jar-file and your own configuration file to the classpath of your project.


The code of JSubViewer can be used directly in a java program. Just create a new project using the NetBeans GUI-Template “Java SubViewer Example” and call the JSubViewer-class:

JSubViewer(inData, inSvp, inMp3, inFrame);

Here the input parameters are:

Data to view

SubViewer configuration


JPanel in which the slide show will be displayed

Then just call the method ‘createAndShowGUI’:

This program displays a’subliminal slide show’ for pictures in your own program. It can be configured using a configuration file.

Compiling and running

You can either compile the program using the command’mvn clean install’ in the directory:



JSubViewer Crack With License Key PC/Windows

JSubViewer is intended to be a ‘tool box’ for subliminal images and sounds, without having to be too technically expert on multimedia. It is based on the ‘SubViewer’ application for Unix. Users can configure an ‘*.svp’ file (which specifies the images and sounds to be displayed, and their durations in seconds). The ‘*.svp’ can be stored in a file, then be opened with JSubViewer. The images and sounds from the file can be replaced at any time by new ones, and can be rearranged in a subliminal’slide-show’. The images and sounds can be displayed in a borderless window (if ‘-w’ is specified), or on the screen (without a window if ‘-s’ is specified). The generated image can be saved in a different format than the original, or saved in the original format. You can also display the saved image with the JSubViewer tool in the help menu.
How to install JSubViewer:
To install JSubViewer, you have to unzip the distribution file ‘’ in your directory where you want to keep JSubViewer. The easiest way to do so is to double click on the ‘’ file and press ‘Extract here’. A new directory ‘jsubviewer’ will be created, which you can use as a shortcut to the JSubViewer software. You can also download the distribution file from the following link:
Using JSubViewer:
To display a slide-show with subliminal images and sounds, you must specify the ‘*.svp’ file where the slide-show has to be stored. The JSubViewer program will open the file for display, and the images and sounds will be displayed in a borderless window.
JSubViewer is not very nice on slow PCs, especially with small files (smaller than a megabyte), since it needs to recreate the images and sounds from scratch in memory. If you have a slow PC (with at least 1 GHz), you will probably not feel the delay…
On the other hand, JSubViewer has a lot of options, and the number of images and sounds that can be displayed in a slide-show is quite large. JSubViewer is also very easy to use, if you know at least

What’s New in the?

This application uses Java’s subviewer feature to display images in a slideshow. You can use the images in an.svp file to set the background and sound of the image slideshow.
The sound plays during the background-image of the slideshow. This version of the application works only with a command line application.
JSubViewer Developed by:
Joomla &

This software is the result of 25+ years of research by Dr. Charles Baudouin,
and Charles uses this application. This program is being kept available as it
has developed into a very powerful, yet user friendly application.

Need Help?
Contact Charles direct, he has written eBooks to help you to run a
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Charles’ software has been written in a manner that will be most useful
to anyone running a medical practice. I have tried to provide everything
you’ll need in one easy-to-use application. The layout allows you to add your
instructions, pictures, text and music as a theme (‘.svp’ file). When a
theme is added, the background image and sound are automatically added to the
slideshow, making it ready to use.

To get started, you’ll need to download Charles’ command line application.
You’ll need to download the command line applications described here.

Once you

System Requirements For JSubViewer:

OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
Processor: IntelĀ® Core™ i3 or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB of RAM
Graphics: Intel HD graphics or equivalent
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 1 GB available hard drive space
Sound: DirectX 9.0 or higher compatible video card with 1 GB of dedicated video memory (preferably use the same video card you have for your Windows and Steam installation)
Additional Notes:
Any form of user activation or account registration is required