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James Franco Roast Full Uncut Version


Get ready for high-octane burns: we’re roasting Bruce Willis this summer.n James Franco Roast – Andy Samberg – Roast Goes Dark – Without censorship.c Roast: In a large frying pan (I have a frying pan from the Czech Republic), fry all the pieces: pork, beef, chicken, mushrooms, onions, garlic, herbs. We put a pot of boiling water on low heat and after 5-7 minutes we lower the meat there, you can add salt, pepper, spices, bay leaf to taste. Do not forget also about the lids, which must be tightly closed. So the meat will languish in its own juice. Cover with a lid and simmer until done. The process can take 20 to 50 minutes, depending on the amount of meat. Don’t forget to try the meat. It should be soft, but in no case should it stick to the bottom of the pan. Such meat is good to eat with any side dish, both hot and cold. You will not notice how you eat the whole plate or two pies. The preparation doesn’t end there. After I cooked meat this way for the first time, I had the idea to make a menu for the whole day. Of course, I do not claim to receive the Nobel Prize, but I think for many readers this idea will be a saving straw. And we, in turn, want to wish you a pleasant appetite and remember that our recipes were not invented for you, they are for us. tirgemona, starcucina, tearetijai, pasha P.S. Who will go to the mountains with me – cook dishes in large pots so as not to overcook the meat.



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