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DVDLogic IGEditor is a powerful and advanced application that contains all the necessary means for managing interactive menus of Blu-ray discs. Work with IGEditor is handy, visually easy to use and quick. IGEditor allows you to create interactive menus with basic functionality to complex compliant menus all by adhering to the BD BD specification.
IGEditor contains special functions for any graphic image adaptation, palette recalculation, navigation commands writing, opening and editing existing menus. Menu’s created by IGEditor can be immediately be opened and muxed in Sonic Scenarist BD.


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Download ===






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* The design of complex menus is easy. You are able to create complex menu’s by following a step by step wizard.
* Graphic adaptation is facilitated with support for various graphic systems, like DirectDraw, GDI.
* No programming skills are necessary for creating menus. The graphical menu editor is intuitive to use.
* You can create static or dynamic menus. Dynamic menus (which re-size based on the selection) allows you to create menus with the required resizing functionality.
* IGEditor Download With Full Crack is a multi-platform application: supports Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems.


• Full support of the Blu-ray specification BD-J
• Ability to create interactive menus, PIP and index files
• Support for branding
• Ability to edit and add menus in HD
• Tools to create and open menus in the Blu-ray container (Open Disc)
• All external operations, including menu opening in CDDA
• Ability to drag-and-drop menus on the container
• Ability to copy-move any item from one menu to another
• Ability to group items in files
• Ability to create menus for types from BD-J
• Ability to edit and add menus in HD
• Ability to add personal style to menus
• Support for creating menus for the brand for any type
• Menu generation can be also created using the NaviScope Explorer
• Ability to create and edit rules for menu navigation
• Ability to create menus by using CUE file
• Ability to change navigation properties
• Ability to switch and create menus in different languages
• Ability to create and edit index files
• Ability to create and edit PIP files
• Ability to create and edit navigation files
• Ability to create arbitrary menu
• Ability to create and edit navigation rules
• Ability to modify menus object’s properties (skin properties, source properties etc.)
• Ability to create other menus
• Ability to select random places on the container for inserting menu items
• Ability to change the icons of items
• Navigation by images and texts (using content)
• Ability to open the movies in random start
• Ability to open multiple files at once
• Ability to create menus for DVD
• Ability to search for menu items
• Ability to copy and paste items
• Ability to change the background image of the container
• Ability to move the items
• Ability to create animated menus
• Ability to export files
• Ability to open files from disc in other applications
• Ability to lock and unlock the container
• Ability to change the width and height of the container
• Ability to change the positioning of the items
• Ability to rotate the container
• Ability to lock and unlock the container using disk
• Ability to change the aspect ratio of the container
• Ability to create images for the container
• Ability to create discs from

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Every Blu-ray interactive menu has a consistent structure. Interactive menus can contain menus, chapters, discs, sections, chapters in BD-Video, AACS and ISO standards. Each can be represented as a menu item or a menu sub-item. The order and numbering of items and sub-items is determined by the interactive
menu’s specification. When we open an interactive menu we see the menu tree structure, where each menu is represented by a menu item. Interactive menus are made of two elements:
* Menu Style – this defines the way the interactive menu is shown on the Blu-ray disc.
* Item Style – this defines the way the menu item is displayed on the Blu-ray disc.
The new feature of the IGEditor 5 is the use of “Edit Item Style” and “Edit Menu Style” allowing the user to customize the appearance of the interactive menus. Both menu styles
have their own properties for all the supported graphic image characteristics.
IGEditor also allows you to create standard BD-Video titles from any BD menus. Titles created with IGEditor also supports menu navigation and playback with the Sonic Scenarist BD player. An example of the result is shown in the picture bellow:
The advantage of using an IGEditor is that all the interactive menus created with the software comply to the standard, allowing full compatibility with all Blu-ray players on the market.
New feature:
The new feature of the IGEditor 5 is the use of the “Edit Item Style” and “Edit Menu Style” allowing you to customize the appearance of the interactive menus. Both menu styles have their own properties for all the supported graphic image characteristics.
Support for AACS and ISO-BD Interactive menus.
The interactive menu structure is standardized and there are some standard sub-items. The standard menu items are:
Disc Listing The standard menu item for the disc listing
Discs Listing The standard menu item for the discs listing
Chapters Listing The standard menu item for the chapters listing
Chapters Listing The standard menu item for the chapters listing.
The sub-items are:
Discs Listing The standard sub-item of the Discs listing
Chapters Listing The standard sub-item of the Chapters listing
Chapters Listing The standard sub-item of the Chapters listing.
The disc listing sub-item content is always presented in a table, with the disc number, title and type presented on the left

What’s New In?

Universal audio disc interactive disc is a standard created jointly by the BD-J initiative. This standard is oriented primarily to support the development of new formats but covers a range of interactive features such as editing of audio, navigation and menu management.
In particular, the brand new content of the Universal audio disc digital model of interactive menus can be managed by this application.
IGEditor allows the creation of interactive menus with high degree of freedom at the expense of the appropriate software or device. An interactive disc lets you decide how to work, according to your personal preferences, both on local copy discs and in the digital case of a laser-based players.
IGEditor can be used for the creation, editing and management of interactive menus according to the Universal Audio Disc Digital model of interactive menus or according to any model of a new format.
Different menus can be created as any BD menu model:
Master menu (BD-J menu)
Navigation menu
Loading menu

There are innovative features in this menu editor. These can be:

Creative menus: Galena, Amiga, Pixel, Suntura,…
Movies: Concretely, Movies,
Other discs: CD, DVD, Games, Books,…
Loading menu: The preview contains tools for editing to correct any possible errors and the final result is visualized.

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System Requirements For IGEditor:

OS: Windows 10 or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (3.06 GHz)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 256MB of memory
Hard Drive: 6 GB of free space
Note: 1 GB RAM is a minimum, and may affect the performance of the game.
Processor: Intel Core i5, i7, or AMD Ryzen
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD