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Here you can find the best torrents for you and also preview new ones and seed them. This list is updated daily and it is very easy to find the right torrent for you as we are using public search engines like YTS, YTD, Kickass, RARB, Mega and many more. Downloading without a VPN is illegal but using a VPN can be dangerous. Many governments monitor torrent sites like Torrentz and remove their IP-addresses and domain names because they are used by criminals and shareware groups. We always prefer to stay on the right side of the law. If the authorities ask for your IP-address or for the reason why your torrent is downloading, just tell them the truth and they will let you go.

Simultaneously download dozens of torrents while keeping track of your downloads and seed those you like best. The best way to download torrents is with a VPN. With a VPN, torrenting is risk free and your IP-address is hidden. However, if the VPN is hacked, you might end up sharing your connection with criminals and so if you don’t have a strong VPN, we suggest getting one. With this VPN, you can browse the web securely, protect your identity, download torrents safely, and watch movies over IP-VPN. In addition to that, you can access any website anonymously, hide your IP-address, encrypt your internet traffic and much more. All the best VPNs are mentioned and reviewed here.

BaZaToR is the best torrent search engine for movies and tv shows. You can filter and sort search results, you can preview and download the torrent file and you can even add a public tracker and start seeding the torrent. It also has a small section for the best of the best releases. BaZaToR is very easy to use and straight forward.