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Haxbox – TV Show Organizer is a handy and useful application designed to help you organize and manage your favorite TV shows.
With its intuitive interface, Haxbox – TV Show Organizer enables you to easily download posters and images for the specified TV show, create profiles for each character and actor, as well as to get high quality multimedia content for your collection.









Haxbox – TV Show Organizer [2022-Latest]

● Organize and manage your favorite TV shows: download posters and images, import direct links to your favorite TV shows, create profiles for each character and actor, sort your collection by name or by nationality, sort your collection by ratings and favorites, add favorite episodes or series for later viewing, and more.
● Support for movies: download posters, images, and high quality multimedia content, support for direct links to movies, and other features.
● Beautiful design: convenient application interface, toolbars, and icons and animations on Windows and Mac.
● Choose the best icons and images: download great and beautiful icons and images.
● Sync to Facebook: share your collection with your friends on Facebook.
● Sync to iTunes: sync your favorite content from iTunes.
● Reduce internet traffic: download and update your content offline.
Haxbox – TV Show Organizer Additional Features:
● Add content to your favorite TV show: Add the current episodes, movies, or other multimedia content directly.
● Support for hundreds of TV shows: Support for over 200 TV series and over 900 episodes or movies.
● Support for US, UK, Aus, and NZ: Choose your preferred region.
● Support for several languages: Choose the language you prefer.
● Support for Facebook: Share the content with your friends on Facebook.
● Support for iTunes: Sync the content to your mobile device.
● Support for the People’s Republic of China: Choose your preferred region.
● Support for Chinese, English, and Chinese translation: Choose your preferred language.
● Support for Chinese, English, and Chinese notes: Choose your preferred language.
● Support for multiple file formats: Support popular formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, and MOV.
● Background configuration: don’t disturb you while installing the application.
● Easy to use interface: simple and intuitive, easily understand how it works.
● High quality multimedia content: have all popular formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, WMV, and XVID.
● Privacy protection: protect your personal privacy.
● Child mode: Protect your child from unwanted content.
● Settings: Change application setting preferences.
● Support for iOS7 and iOS8: support both iOS7 and iOS8.
● Supported iOS devices: iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad2.
● Support for Android: support both Jelly Bean and Kitkat.
● No adware or spyware:

Haxbox – TV Show Organizer License Keygen [April-2022]

– Help you download posters and images for the specified TV show
– Help you create profiles for each character and actor
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Haxbox – TV Show Organizer [32|64bit]

• Just plug and play!
• Free for personal use
• Download photos, posters and images for free!
• Receive all updates for free.
• Customize profiles with images and text
• Download and manage videos and movies from YouTube and iTunes
• Downloading
• Streaming
• Profile Management
• Voice recording
• Audio and video podcast download
• Audio podcast and video podcast import
• Audio podcast and video podcast export
• Audio and video podcast export
• Calendar Management
• E-mail for each video
• E-mail for each video with attachments
• Audio podcast export
• Video podcast export
• Audio and video file copy
• Movie and TV show download
• Radio download
• Live (video) comment
• Live (video) report
• Screenshot capture
• Screen recording
• Minidump
• Control desktop icon
• Control Net connection status
• Management Profiles
• Plugin support
• More functions are coming soon.

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What’s New In Haxbox – TV Show Organizer?

* Download high quality posters and images for any TV show.
* Detect and organize your favorite TV shows automatically.
* Create profiles for your favorite actors and characters.
* Get high quality multimedia content for your collection.
* Easy and fast operations.
[HaxboxTV Show Organizer Features]
* Automatically detect and organize your favorite TV shows.
* Create profiles for your favorite characters and actors.
* Get high quality multimedia content for your collection.
* Download high quality posters and images for any TV show.
* Download, extract and view metadata of the collection.
* Download content metadata to include in the profile description.
* Download main audio track for each set of the show.
* Import images, cover art and posters to your collection.
* Create, edit and delete individual profiles.
* Create, edit and delete groups.
* Personalize your profile settings.
* Set your display preferences: quality, resolution, etc.
* View extras related to TV show.
* Zoom & Pan to view posters and images.
* Download content cover art to your collection.
* Support background downloading.
* User friendly interface.
* Cross platform support.
* Sync content to multiple devices with an ad-hoc network connection or the built-in Wi-Fi.
* Support all popular file formats.
* Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle, BlackBerry.
* No registration required. No internet connection.
* Save your collection to SD card.
* Save your content collection to the cloud.
* Captions, closed caption and subtitles.
* Supports multiple languages.
* Supports the latest TV show episode guide data.
* Dual TV guide support.
* Downloading posters and images.
* Backup and restore database files.
* Support the use of external SD card.
* Full screen support.
* Approximate download time as before.
* Metadata downloading and storage.
* Get lyrics and related extras as shown in the case of music.
* Search by title and posters.
* Automatic expansion of the collection.
* Fast search.
* Scroll along the list of TVs.
* Navigation with sincube images and thumbnails.
* Instant search on supported devices.
* Download or export content to a particular device.
* Save content to SD card.
* Allow offline navigation.
* Drag and drop.
* Support of albums.
* Sync current

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
CPU: 2.66 GHz CPU
GPU: Nvidia 450, ATI 6850 or newer
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Additional Notes:
The Oculus Rift will be used as a Head Mounted Display for use with the game.
The Oculus Rift is an Add-On for the game, so it is not required to play the game.