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GRIS 1.0 Crack Mac Osx

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Error: Too many open files

I have tried to run a script that runs in cron for every hour and if the cron job is not working then it would put the output.
I have also tried to execute this command in the cron job:
PATCH /tmp/b_page_dns_1/page.html

here is the traceback log
I am working in Amazon Linux AMI.


This is a limit on the number of open files. This limit is set by the ulimit command. The ulimit command uses a maximum value of 65535. However, we can customize this value using the ulimit command.
ulimit -n

Change the value to 32768 and execute it to set the value. However, this may not work with commands that require file descriptors, because the open() call needs to be closed by the command.
ulimit -n 32768
touch file1.txt

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