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Goben Free For PC

-go-: go (sub-command go-ben-server) (sub-command go-ben-client)
The documentation is found here:

The developers’ forum is located at:

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goben is a Command Line tool for measuring the TCP/UDP transport layer between applications and the network. The transport layer represents the core of the network architecture and has the important role of assuring the proper communication directly to the running processes on different hosts. The protocol can be best described as a logical communication between apps running on different hosts, meaning that even though they are not physically connected, they act as if they were.
According to the developer, the tool was developed to overcome certain limitations of other network measurement tools. To put it simply, the application can take advantage of a computer’s multiple CPUs and not waste processing power, can be used on multiple platforms and comes with a simpler synchronous code flow.
To get started, users need to start the server and then the client that points to the server’s address. The app can limit maximum bandwidth and it can spawn multiple concurrent routines capable of handling multiple parallel traffic streams, while putting as little stress on the processor as possible. The results can be exported into an easy-to-read chart in a PNG format, which enables a quick read of the test results. Alternatively, the results can be exported to CSV or YAML.
goben Description:
-go-: go (sub-command go-ben-server) (sub-command go-ben-client)
The documentation is found here:

The developers’ forum is located at:

The project page is located at:


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Free open-source transport layer protocol analysis tool. It was designed for educational purposes, but is also useful for application and network debugging.
Vast amount of configurable options for user-friendly testing.
Works on all supported Unix systems.
Automatic compilation of tested app on given system (if no xcode or similar present).
The easiest to use test application that doesn’t require a shell account.
Multi-threaded TCP/UDP traffic emulating.
Fully configurable packet-delay and bandwidth.
Support for IPv4 and IPv6, as well as multicast and broadcast traffic.
Import and export of test results to YAML, CSV or PNG.
Debugging capabilities for both the application and the network device.
Optionally, it can run on remote host and connects to it via SSH.
Proper documentation and numerous examples.
Feedback and support.
Free open-source – written in C and made with no dependencies.
File Size: 8.8 MB

ge_hadoop_metrics is a Command Line Tool for measuring the HDFS and YARN Metrics from the underlying system. It has no external dependencies and is intended to be used without a running Hadoop environment. The tool is designed to make use of the available metrics on a Linux system.
The tool was developed for educational purposes, but is also useful for application and network debugging. The collected data can be exported to an easy-to-read file format.
KEYMACRO Description:
Ge Hadoop Metrics Tool
Command Line Tool for monitoring HDFS Metrics from the underlying system.
Measuring HDFS and YARN Metrics.
Export to XLS.
Simple usage.
Low cost.
Free – written in Java, no dependencies.
File Size: 3.8 MB


JHipster has a full suite of support tools for their products including JHipster CLI. JHipster CLI is a command-line interface tool for working with JHipster applications (either locally, or within a Docker container). It enables the rapid development of applications with the JHipster Application Generator.

JHipster CLI is a feature packed package with a lot of functionality and has been created to help support the huge amount of different build options and build options that are available with JHipster.


Goben For Windows

When it comes to network measurement, Netcat is one of the best tools available. A network simulator designed for the Unix-based systems, it allows you to control and monitor network communication in real time. It can be used as a proxy or proxyless, acts as a server or client, and even can be used in a console mode, all of which makes it a must have tool for every IT professional.
As previously mentioned, you can use Netcat in a proxy mode, and it is even recommended, but there are some disadvantages that you have to be aware of. In order to use the proxy, you need to add two lines at the beginning of your script. Once this is done, you can test how the traffic will flow through your network with the help of the -L or -R options, allowing you to select the process or processes to receive the traffic. If you want to use the proxy in a server mode, then -P will enable you to do so. Additionally, you can generate Netcat’s log file in the following ways. These logs can be saved either to a file or a console. You also have the ability to control which processes to include or exclude from your tests. Lastly, you can filter the test results, exclude specific messages, or enable ICMP echo requests and ICMP echo responses.
Netcat Description:

Manage your network ports with the help of these two little utilities. Tcpflow is a tool that helps you get the information regarding the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ports currently in use on a given system. In case you want to, you can even determine which ports are in use on a particular subnet. You can also use it to determine how many ports are currently open on a given system, how many are in use, or if a particular port is in use on a particular system.
On the other hand, nmap is a tool that can perform the same functionality as the Tcpflow, but in a different way. It can scan an IP address range to determine the ports that are currently in use, the number of open ports, or if a given port is open on a given host. In addition, it will provide you with information regarding the operating system, version, and more.
Nmap Description:

The ultimate tool to perform port scanning, Nmap can be used for various purposes. You can perform basic information regarding the host or network that is being scanned, or you can perform a range of scans based on

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System Requirements:

Windows XP or later
Intel or AMD CPU
2.4 GB available hard-disk space
1024×768 screen resolution
It’s easy to play with friends, or for global servers and tournaments.
If you have additional hardware requirements such as a specific video card, you can buy them from the in-game store.
Regular price: $49.99;
Limited time offer: $29.99
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