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If you listen to a lot of music online, be it from your favorite website or online radio stations, you might've heard some tunes that are impossible to track, let alone download and enjoy as long as you wish.
However, instead of trying to identify these tracks, you might turn to third-party specialized software solutions such as AceThinker Music Recorder that can help you record the contents to your computer and save them as audio files.
Records audio from various sources
As its name strongly suggests, this application can help you record various audio contents. However, what the title lacks to describe is that you can use almost any source to create the recordings from.
For instance, you can perform microphone recordings by simply hitting the big red button in the main window or use another source such as an online radio station.
Playlist, radio player, download manager
Aside from being an audio recording tool that supports many sources, this application also features a lot of additional features. These include a playlist that you can use to organize your audio contents on your computer in an effective manner and a fully functional radio player packed with several online radio stations.
More so, if you want to perform a bunch of additional tasks such as converting audio files, edit them, transfer music to iTunes, convert videos to MP3s, edit ID3 tags, burn files on a CD or rip the contents of a CD, you can easily do so by accessing the main menu next to the gear-shaped button.
Handy audio recorder with a lot of additional functions
All in all, judging by its name, this application should be just an audio recorder. However, aside from letting you record audio contents, you can also convert audio files, rip CDs, burn CDs, identify ID3 tags, edit audio files and much more. Its interface is a sleek, user-friendly one and everything can be easily accessed even by novices.









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This software supports you to create, modify, delete or rename files. It also allows you to create and delete folders. These folders can be used to store your favorite files. The FTP program provides a user-friendly interface to access and transfer files on the Web.
It is a neat software solution that allows you to manage and organize various files on your computer, create databases, share information and exchange messages in working groups.
It has a feature that allows you to establish control over the daily activities that you complete each day. You can create tasks and keep a list of the things that you want to do. It lets you schedule reminders for various events and activities.
Additional features and tools
Organize files on your computer
This program allows you to manage and organize various files on your computer, you can create databases, share information and exchange messages in working groups.
Create databases
The application allows you to create a database with various files in your library that can be organized and searched according to the type of the file. These files can be: music, text files, photos, videos, documents, presentations, work assignments, documents, and so on.
Share information
You can share information in several ways via e-mail, FTP and other media. The program allows you to perform various FTP operations. In addition, it has a web browser.
Exchange messages
The program allows you to exchange messages and alerts with members of the group without the inconvenience of maintaining a mail server. It has a messaging system that allows you to exchange messages and alerts with members of the group without the inconvenience of maintaining a mail server.
Email client
You can send and receive email, as well as manage your electronic correspondence. You can also receive immediate notification when a new message arrives to any of your email accounts.
All in all, OrganiZATOR is a neat software solution that allows you to manage and organize various files on your computer, create databases, share information and exchange messages in working groups.
FreePBX Description:
FreePBX is a powerful VoIP PBX solution. Because it runs on GNU/Linux, it can integrate effortlessly with a variety of existing software solutions. It is one of the most well-developed PBX solutions on the market today.
FreePBX lets you run your own business over the Internet with fully automated dialing, various call forwarding options and even optional call recording.
Create your own PBX
Every company needs a PBX solution to connect their business phone lines to a

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1) Unlimited number of FTP accounts. (There are 1024 FTP accounts by default. It is not hard to add more)
2) Ability to create an unlimited number of Group(s) with various permissions.
3) Ability to create an unlimited number of Shared(s) with various permissions.
4) Use of Superuser account for all FTP users.
5) Ability to choose any folder on your hard drive to mount as a FTP Directory.
6) Ability to choose any FTP user to auto-login. (Only with the use of the Superuser account)
7) Dedicated IP address for FTP.
8) Can add up to 16 Static host names.
9) Configure any port for any server
10) Increase(decrease) the transfer speed.
11) Resume uploads and downloads.
12) Ability to change the location where the log resides.
13) Multi connection capabilities.
14) Ability to choose the speed of the connections.
15) Ability to create sub-directories on the FTP servers.
16) Ability to add/delete users(groups)
17) Ability to change user(group) permissions.
18) Monitor the status of your FTP server.
19) Increase the size of the FTP log.
The activity that the user encounters while creating an FTP account is recorded. It is possible to view the logs from the FTP log.
More than 600 different sound packs are included. You can easily change the format of all the tracks.
There are ten different types of control for the Master, Output, and Input tracks. By adjusting the controls, the tempo and pitch of each track can be easily changed.
User can automatically name files from the root directory.
Auto editing of the track name.
Hide tracks when not in use.
MP3tag creates music tags from mp3 files.
It is easy to create new tags for the file.
Make a playlist automatically as you add files.
Search for tracks automatically as you add files.
You can sort files by tag name.
You can do anything in the database.
It is easy to create a new user.
You can create a new set of tags.
Save all the tags.
It is easy to add new tags.
You can export and import tags.
Change the menu bar as you need.
Select a menu item by double-clicking it.
Make a playlist automatically as you add files.


Freedom is an open source, cross-platform audio player that supports many sources such as MP3, AIFF, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC, WMA, and AAC with quality settings up to 192 kHz/24-bit. It also comes with a built-in equalizer, an equalization curve, four different filters, a DSP settings window, two preset equalizers, and two presets.
The program enables you to playback in layers (i.e. several tracks at once), so you can create an organized playback. You can either choose to loop and repeat songs or pause them, and even pause them if they are in an already-paused state. You can also double-click the song title in order to jump directly to the song.
Not to mention the fact that you can easily import media files from your computer or other external devices to the audio player, including, but not limited to: music CDs, USB sticks, hard drives, network shares, and similar. In addition, the program includes a key management feature that allows you to change the default assignments for keys for album information, as well as the artist name and album name.
The program also offers you different ways to organize your music, such as sorting by song, album, artist, and similar. The user interface is very simple. It is no exaggeration to say that most users can become familiar with this program right away.
Key features:
• Supports most audio formats: MP3, AIFF, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC, WMA, AAC
• Sorting/searching using: Album, Artist, Song, Time, Tags, Alternative Artists
• Integrated equalizer
• Integrated equalization curve
• Four presets
• Auto stop playing when playback is started/ended
• DSP settings window
• Two presets: VSTi; VST
• Support for multiple devices
• Fast search
• Double click to play the song or loop it
• Automatic lyrics
• Integrated lyrics search
• Media import function
• Skips tracks
• Import cover arts
• Import/export song library
• Import/export song list
• Import/export song timeline
• Import/export song tags
• Import/export song rating
• Import/export song category
• Import/export songs from a file
• Import/export playlist
• Import/export playlists
• Import/export playlist view
• Import/export playlists

What’s New in the?

Sansar Project helps you to build and manage your own “Help Community” for the purposes of improving a game. All information will be stored in the Saunas database, so you will be able to create your own database and control the saved data easily.
Sansar is an idea for “open source games” written in PHP,
with the intent to create “in-game world editors, which improve the gaming world by enabling creation and existence of new games”. In addition, it allows you to create unique new game worlds,
and provide game developers with a tool for enhancing their skills by providing templates and items for easy development. The program is still being improved,
and the team is always available to provide any help/suggestions. You can visit the Sansar Project site for more information and resources,
or view the team’s wiki on GitHub.
“Sansar Project” is a tool for users, developers, and makers. Making this project was one of the biggest challenges I have faced in my career.
We have a lot of users. We have a lot of content and we really want to make this the best.
This project is an attempt to create a platform in which you can easily create your own “help community” tools. All of the information can be stored in the Saunas database.
Saunas is a database for the Sansar Project that can be used to store data from virtually any project, including the Saunas database itself.
Since Sansar is an open source project, you will have control over your own database, allowing you to create your own database and control the stored data.
All information can be accessed and searched with ease. Sansar uses the same search engine as Google, so it is very easy to find anything.
Sansar allows you to create your own “in-game world editors” that can be downloaded for free. This program allows you to easily create new worlds, and provide users and developers with new templates and items for easy creation.
Each object used in Sansar is customizable. You can change the appearance of the object to your own liking. You can also create an editor for the object with the information you like.
Sansar can provide you with all the necessary information for creating an object. You can also customize this project to your liking.
Sansar is still being developed, and the team is always available to provide any suggestions for improvement.
You can visit the Saun

System Requirements For Freedom:

– At least 10Mb of free space
– DirectX 9 compatible video card (7 generation or better)
– Sound card
– A copy of the game to play online
– A copy of the game to play single-player
– Internet connection
New Generation
The Ruckus
The Gusher
Artic Explorer
Projected Supply
Supersonic Spectre
The Reluctant (Onslaught Only)