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Favorite Appetizer Menu in Our Restaurant

How to Serve Appetizers

Cold Appetizers

Cold appetizer is an appetizer that is served in a cold atmosphere.
Usually the temperature of the food served is 10-15 degrees Celsius. The flavors of cold appetizers are usually a mixture of salty, savory, sweet and refreshing. Usually this cold appetizer is widely used in western cuisine such as salads to canapes.

Hot Appetizers

Hot appetizer is an appetizer that is served hot. Usually this taste is the same as salty and savory. The temperature of this appetizer is between 50-60 degrees Celsius, such as croquettes, risol, quiche, friture, and so on.

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Soup is a dish made from the basic ingredients of broth and various vegetables and fish or meat which are cut into small pieces.
This soup can be thick or thin soup. Both are served in a hot atmosphere so the aroma is really tempting.


The cocktail referred to here is not a cocktail drink, but a cocktail appetizer which is most often served at western banquets and cold atmospheres. Cocktails are usually made from the main ingredients of meat to seafood such as shrimp, squid and fish which are served in small glass containers and topped with vegetables and sauce in them.


The first appetizer available was gyoza. Gyoza is known as a typical Japanese dimsum which is not only suitable as a snack but also as an appetizer. The small shape is really suitable to be used as an appetizer. Gyoza is made from wonton skin which contains minced meat, minced garlic, soy sauce, salt and pepper. The meat used can vary. Starting from beef, chicken, to pork. Gyoza will taste better if eaten with dipping sauce.

Chawan Mushi

Chawan mushi is indeed a typical Japanese steamed egg served in a small bowl so it is suitable as an appetizer. Apart from eggs, there are usually additional vegetable ingredients in it, such as mushrooms, green onions, to additional minced meat to enrich the texture and taste.

Champagne Ama Ebi with Wasabi

The prawns are marinated with champagne which makes these prawns far from fishy, so they always taste fresh. Uniquely, this shrimp is served on a real stone covered with ice.

Chorizo Madeline with Salted Lemon

This dish is not halal, because it uses chorizo oil, aka pork sausages originating from Europe. However, you can expect restaurants not to use it as a food ingredient and even chefs will use olive oil as a substitute. Chorizo Madeline with Salted Lemon tastes crunchy and really soft when bitten.

Curry Puff Pastry

On the plate, curry leaves are served, the length of which is more or less the same as the diameter of the plate. Then, there is a crispy pastry filled with curry sauce made by chef Halat which explodes in your mouth like a bomb when you bite it. Well, curry powder is also available which is also included in the function of enhancing the taste of this curry puff.


Quiche is a dish that is included in the pastry category. Quiche is similar to a pie in that there is an outer layer that uses a mixture of eggs, milk and flour. Meanwhile, the filling can vary. Starting from meat, seafood, cheese, parsley, and so on. The taste is of course savory and salty. Quiche is served in mini bowls that can be eaten in one or two bites.