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Creating a plan for any activity increases chances of success, because it provides visual support of the series of events to follow. Budget also benefits from planning, and specialized computer applications greatly help in this regard. Essential Budget is a suitable example, allowing you to track accounts and transactions in an intuitive environment.
Can be used on the go
The application is good to go from the moment download is done, since there’s no setup involved to take any of your time or effort. However, it relies on Java Runtime Environment to function, so you need to make sure it is installed before you can take Essential Budget for a spin. On the other hand, it’s easy to carry around on a thumb drive to have a personal budget manager wherever you go.
It can be a little tricky to figure out at first, especially if you ignore the helpful details provided in each pane. Adding new entries and removing them is done through hotkeys only. Tab support keeps all management areas in an organized manner, with quick access to accounts and categories, budgets, and transactions.
Good, but far from being a pro
The main tab lets you quickly create accounts of different types, as well as budget categories which can either be inflow or outflow. However, items here are only created with associated names, because amounts are handled in the budgets and transactions tabs.
Budgets make it easy to track yearly incomes. Multiple categories can be created, each with dedicated fields and automatic calculus of values. Transactions are stored in a table layout. An entry can either be inflow or outflow, with values and calculus reflected in the main tab. Sadly, there’s no possibility to generate reports or print budget sheets.
On an ending note
In conclusion, Essential Budget comes with good intentions, and is a simple method of keeping track of expenses and incomes. Unfortunately, it feels a little rough around the edges overall, while the lack of export options keep you tied to the application’s tabs and functions even for simple lookup of details.







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– Very simple budgeting management
– Additional income and expenditure categories to help to avoid overspending
– Simple budget calculation for both income and expenses
– Budget reports are easy to create and prepare
– No doubt that Essentail Budget is a well designed application

Desk Budget is a simple and easy to use budgeting app. It is designed to help you manage and track your expenses and manage your income. It is a very easy to use application for budgeting purposes. It is simple, clean and attractive in design. Desk Budget is packed with great features such as:
1) Shows Budget of various categories.
2) Shows income and expense items.
3) You can add income or expense items into the budget.
4) Create multiple budgets.
5) Split the budget.
6) Calculate Budget with option to print it.
7) Export report
8) There is a toolkit included which allows you to customize Desk Budget and make it to your liking.
9) You can add new expense and income entries.
10) Budget balance can be shown with options to show IN and OUT.
11) Budget info can be exported to CSV file for further use.
DesktopBudget support multiple currencies. You can enter values as USD, EUR, INR, GBP, JPY, AED, BDT, MYR, PHP, CNY, TND, ZAR, BRL, MXN, SKK, and INR.
In a single click you can show various currency values in your budget.
You can select any currency other than INR.
You can see any individual currency value of any currency in your budget.
You can save your budget to a file.
You can change currency system.
You can get complete details of your budget.
You can easily export your budget to Excel, CSV, PDF, text or plain text formats.
By using more number of currencies in your budget, you can clearly understand the budget.
Income and Expenses are selected from a list of Income and Expense items.
Income and Expenses can be exported to CSV, Excel, text, PDF, HTML and image formats.
You can select the Account, the account from which you want to show Income or Expense.
You can change the display of Income and Expense columns.
You can see the Balance column to show the Total Income and Total Expenses.
You can show Income and Expense columns

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The essentials of budgeting, using an intuitive interface.
Price: $5.99
Publisher: Infinitive Software
Special offers to the software users
Infinity Software, 2015

For those who like to tell apart what’s right and what’s wrong…a real life example… I was a student and I had many courses to take. There was no way I was going to carry all my books to classes, so I would bring along a small notebook with me to keep track of what I took. Of course there was also a lot of free time in there too.
Well, it happened I was in one of the courses where we had to take a midterm. My professor asked me to check and see how well I took notes. Guess what? The notebook was full of notes. So what does that tell you? I should take notes, and I should really write them down.
Well, you can’t take notes on paper, so I looked for my Evernote account online. Now I started taking notes and I started to really write down the thoughts that were going through my mind at a given moment. Well, what happened? I saw my professor looking at my notebook and giving me some well deserved advice.
As for me, Evernote saved me. Sure, I could have kept my notebook, and by the way, this example was on the fly, I could also have used a website like Google Notebook, OneNote, or another similar application to do the same. What I really wanted was the ability to take notes and do so easily, take notes, and do so easily and on the go.
After that day I started using Evernote and I haven’t looked back. I’m also a long time user of GoodReader and similar apps for Evernote, as well as GDocs for Mac. And just recently I’ve also started to use the Pocket service for saving some of my notes. Yes, it works.
So what does this have to do with budgeting? Well, using Evernote means a lot of times you can put something as a task to do it at some point in time, and if you forget about it, it automatically adds the next due date to the note, and you automatically get reminded when the due date is reached. This means you can easily plan things, and do them with ease. It also means that

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Description (located in the About panel) says: Essential Budget was created to help people plan their finances and control their expenses. It’s as simple as it is powerful.
What’s New:
Version 1.2.6 now supports the new mac os x style menu bar icons.
Version 1.2.5:
-fix for bug at import of account in countries with new Euro symbol
Version 1.2.3:
-support for banking codes and fixing bug at import of an account in Spain and UK with euro symbol
-fix for importing of an account with number
Version 1.2.2:
-fix for bug at import of an account with numbers in Spain
Version 1.2.1:
-fix for import of an account with currency symbol (used by several countries)
-fix for bug at import of an account with decimal separator
-refill of the menu bar icons
What’s New in Version 1.2.6:
Version 1.2.6 now supports the new mac os x style menu bar icons.

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George Clarke

I’ve used it for the last month, and I love it. I especially like that it can import accounts from a.csv (finance) file that I create. I don’t use my computer often but it’s been great when I do and I can get everything I need on my phone.

Amaury García

Really good soft…I use it to track my income/expenses. It has never failed me, and it’s very clean. It also has a lot of nice tools to use, and it’s very easy to use and to create accounts.

Fredy C.



Customer Support

Edwin de la Cosa

Best plan management app out there

Jul 31, 2018

Edwin de la Cosa

I was frustrated with tools that wanted to be “planning tools” and took a long time to get organized but this app does one thing great and does it quickly without any fuss – It puts you in the plan. You can manage any plan and create customized reports instantly as

What’s New in the Essential Budget?

Get the Essential Package and start using it today!
• Once the download is complete, you’ll be presented with the option to launch it or open the installation folder.
• Simply click on the installation folder and run it, and the application will launch.
• You’ll be asked if you want to remember the installation folder or not.
• You can leave the application running in the background or close it from the main window.
• You can also start it from applications settings.
• You can’t add more than 4 categories, budgets, accounts and transactions.
• To delete an account, account category or transaction, you’ll have to drag and drop it out of the main tab.
• The application remembers the last window opened and it opens it automatically the next time it is launched.
• You can’t add items to account category or print to a specific account.
• Some toolbar hotkeys have been assigned to different functions, but they aren’t intuitive at all.
• You cannot use the application by calling it from an area of the home screen.
• Accounts, categories and transactions are all viewable together, without the need to switch from one to the other.
• You can lock tabs, and you can lock tabs and scroll panels.
• You can’t use the application by calling it from an area of the home screen.
• No account is handled in real time, but you can set a period for this.

The Pro Package includes more inclusions than the Essential Package, and it costs less to get the Pro Package.
• Now you can set the auto-open function of the application from the area of the home screen.
• If you want to set the auto-open function of the application, you’ll be required to drag and drop it from the application shortcut menu.
• It is no longer necessary to download the application for it to be used.
• You can now create more than 5 accounts, categories, accounts, transactions and budgets.
• You can also set the number of rows and columns in transactions.
• You’ll be able to use the application on a desktop system or as a portable application.
• You can also print and export data in excel format.
• You can now view account categories in either a horizontal or a vertical format.
• You can now assign toolbar hotkeys to be the same in every pane, and you

System Requirements For Essential Budget:

– Windows 7/8 (Windows 10) / 64bit
– Dual-Core CPU
– DirectX 9.0c (DX10)
– Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz or higher
– RAM: 512MB
– Windows
– Intel GMA 950/945 (OpenGL 2.0)
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