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What is enzymes?
Enzymes are the tiny proteins that catalyze most biochemical reactions. The 20,000 or so known kinds of enzymes are the body’s vital biocatalysts, or life-enhancing catalysts, and help cells and tissues do their jobs. They speed up chemical reactions, helping all living things along in their daily activities, the first and foremost of which is the basic process of life itself.
If you take a fresh salad, for instance, and even put just a little bit of vinegar in your dressing, you will notice that everything tastes a whole lot better. Why? Because vinegar is an enzyme.
It digests the salad stuff without damaging the lettuce and leaves your palate ready to receive the next bite. Vinegar is the type of enzyme you need when you’re preparing a salad.
Vinegar is an easily absorbed and non-irritating biocatalyst, providing enzymes like “bromelain,” “bromelain,” and “bromelain” that inhibit the generation of platelets, facilitate hemostasis, and aid in the prevention of further hemorrhaging.
How do enzymes work?
In all living things, enzymes perform the same general function: catalyze biochemical reactions. The enzymes begin the chemical process of some biochemical reaction by activating a substrate for a particular reaction. This enzyme action is catalytic, meaning that the enzyme is essentially helping an already occurring chemical reaction to proceed to completion. So, enzymes speed up chemical reactions.
The nature of the enzyme is very important for its ability to catalyze any biochemical reaction. Some enzymes are more effective at “activating” a substrate than others.
A good example of this is the reaction that takes place in a liver cell as the energy released in the conversion of glucose, or sugar, into glycogen, or starch. In this process, the enzyme glycogen phosphorylase is activated by the energy stored in glucose (i.e. it’s present in an “activated” state), which then enables the enzyme to convert glucose to glycogen.
As illustrated above, all enzymes must have a substrate or reactant to activate. This is why enzymes must be consumed in our diet and why they are most effective, and most valuable, during their “activation” in our digestive system.
What do enzymes do?
The exact role of enzymes is still not clear. Enzymes are either present in cell structures and essential to metabolism or they are present at larger concentration levels in the


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published:27 Oct 2015


Carbohydrates are crucial in our survival. This is the most common macronutrient. Food energy is metabolised in the body, such as using glucose from carbohydrates and proteins, to produce a variety of substances such as ATP – the molecule that energy is stored in.
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published:22 Sep 2012


Eczematous hives are a common term for skin inflammations which can either be acute, chronic, or both. Eczema hives are considered one of the most common allergies throughout the world.
Chronic hives: Imagine you have them all the time. It is important for you to be aware *the hives will not go away*. They will always be there.
…I have chronic hives. It is not just the herpes simplex. I had almost two years of allergies and I was always itchy.They were on my back and on my front, especially my breasts. I got a honey milk so I wouldn’t get a rash, because I never used steroids, I didn’t know that’s what it was. I just knew I had hives, and I gave birth to my baby, and I was in bed for 2 months and I couldn’t raise my baby, they were on my breasts. The doctor told me I should use bleached sheets. That’s how I got my allergies. I got into bed and I got very sick. My bed was in my room, it was on my bed. I found out about the allergy when I was 8 months pregnant. But I got new sheets and they were bleached sheets and I stayed in my room for two months. My doctor told me I should use bleached sheets.
Best eczema or hives home remedies

What’s New In?

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You don’t know where it ends and begins, but you know you need to detoxify every part of your body.
Enzymes teaches you what it is, how it works, why it’s vital, what you can do to improve your health, and the basics of how to replace the enzymes you are missing.
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Core to an Ideal Life: The Practice of Aikido (Creative Commons)

Given the nature of Aikido in the world at large and how to prepare for that, how about the psyche of the individual in regards to this social distancing and quarantine? It is one of the most fundamental well-being practices that a person can adopt, yet too few realize its power.
In Aikido, one takes in our training from more than a practical perspective. Aikido is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a well of discernment and a way of being.
The complexity and range of Aikido and its application in the world is one reason why it is a subject that is too complex for most people, including those who practice it. It is not just hitting a difficult technique. Aikido can be applied in any situation when one maintains a disciplined mind. In a number of situations, a person would be glad to have a knife at their throat or in their hand while on the ground, for example, in order to defend themselves. The practice of Aikido takes place in a different way. In all things, try to understand the reason for doing something, and the purpose of it, before proceeding further.

Aikido The Philosophy of Tomorrow (Creative Commons)

With an increasing number of people fleeing to remote areas of the globe, it is important to take a look into how we can live together in harmony, especially in times like these. Aikido The philosophy of tomorrow can help us all do so.
The growing

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