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Working with an active Internet connection is a risky operation, especially because of all the distractions that can decrease performance. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications such as Employee Desktop Live Viewer you can easily monitor the activity of multiple computers connected to the same network.
Easy deployment and configuration
In order for the application to be properly used, two components need to be deployed. On the one hand, there's the server counterpart which is only required on the computer used for monitoring, while the agent component needs to be installed on every target machine, either locally or using the application to deploy it remotely.
The agent is only used to make the target machine visible, with a simple installation being all there is to it. On the other hand, the central monitoring part is where most attention is required. Employee computers then need to be added and this is done by manually browsing network machines, imputing an IP address or letting the application search for installed agents.
Remotely handle power options
You'll find all available computers in a side panel, along with their own IP address and name. Unfortunately, you cannot create groups or rename computers for a better arrangement and sorting. However, this shouldn't be an issue, because the main tab displays a preview of the running desktop so you can easily identify users.
The application is mostly oriented towards monitoring, with little functions put at your disposal. Several administrator commands are available that let you lock, restart, shut down, start screensaver or remove wallpapers for one or more computers. In addition, a message can also be sent to targeted machines that is displayed in the form of a tooltip near the system tray area.
Schedule recording sessions
Furthermore, all user activity can be recorded and saved locally. There are several ways through which the process is put in motion, with a few commands at your disposal. Besides the option to directly start, an integrated scheduler lets you program tasks in specific time intervals, with the possibility to also make them recurrent.
In conclusion
To sum it up, Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a powerful monitoring tool that might come in handy if you notice a drop in your team's efficiency. It's easy to deploy and configure, with the integrated recorder giving you the possibility to keep an eye on activities even while away from desktop.







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What’s more, it automatically shuts down the screensaver, preventing your users from falling asleep. It’s a useful tool if you work from different locations. You can schedule tasks and checks in time intervals of your choice.

However, remember to install the agent on your desktop before installing the application on your computer.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer Key Feature

Can you have your team’s desktop lives in front of your face.

Instantly detect worker performance issues.

Schedules check-ups or one-time activities in time intervals of your choice.

No system requirements.

Starts whenever you click.

Pay only once for your yearly premium license.

What’s New

Employee Desktop Live Viewer 4.0
In this version some undocumented options are added to the application. While we are not programmers, we added a few useful features so we are glad to share them with you.
New Agent Configuration section
This area is new and is specifically added to enable the setting of new agents. This is an alternative to the manual agent installation process that requires the knowledge of IT admins to configure. With just a few clicks you can enable an agent, and if that is not enough, you can change its options too.
Screen capturing
We added a function that allows you to capture the desktop of any user using an existing or a previously recorded session.
IT Admins can customize their schedule reports.
This step will bring in the option to select and display the following:

Computer name and IP address

Users’ username

Users’ workstation name

Presence of a computer (Up or Down)

If User is active or not (Up or Down)

Scheduled check-ups
You can easily schedule check-ups on your employees using our agent schedule function. This way you can stop wasting time checking on your users while they are out of the office.
You can schedule check-ups in time intervals of your choice and we send the scheduled time to your email of choice.
Alternatively you can also use the option to make the scheduled check-ups recurrance.
Email Schedules
We added the option to use our emails as notification if scheduled activities are missed. You will receive a note, in the form of a notification email, that you can forward to the person who needs to know, or may call the security supervisor, while you are keeping an eye on the situation.

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Personalize workplaces through an intuitive and flexible software that allows you to watch employees’ actions through a remote desktop session. Mobile systems become easy to control through a remote desktop tool that let you monitor the remote computer and to remotely manage it. You can even configure your workplace to automatically restore any changes that employees make to the system.

Automatically change the desktop wallpaper, lock the desktop and record all your actions through a remote desktop session.

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Authorized PCs, iPhones, Android tablets and smartwatches become easy to control through a remote desktop session that lets you view employee computer activities. You can easily manage employees’ computers through a secure virtual workspace, monitor them remotely, lock them if necessary, and schedule recording sessions at predefined intervals.

Setting up workplaces’ remote desktop

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Logging in through a remote desktop session

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Monitoring employees’ activities through a remote desktop session

The remote desktop tool lets you watch employee computer activities, and you can completely configure the systems to fit your needs.

Scheduling and scheduling recurring recording sessions

Scheduling recording sessions is easy. You can configure the tool to schedule recording sessions at specific times of day. You can also schedule recurring sessions.

Installing the application

The remote desktop tool is easy to install. Download the latest version of the application, unpack it and run the setup.

What’s New in the?

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a small, powerful and easy to use remote desktop application that provides a wide range of features to make your life easier.

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System Requirements For Employee Desktop Live Viewer:

OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz (or better)
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 300 MB free disk space
Video: 128 MB RAM Video
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
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