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• A Unique Action RPG in the Lands Between

The game features an action RPG using a battle system based on turn-based technique, and supports online play for up to two characters.
• High-Quality Action and Graphics
You can enjoy a fast pace of action and spectacular graphics in the game.
• Enormous World and Customization
The game offers a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you.
• Multiple Characters and Accessories
You can enjoy up to four characters in the game, and you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic. In addition, players can also customize the appearance of their characters.
• Multiple Story Lines and Moving Image Content
The game features multiple character and story lines as well as moving image content.
MAPLE REALMS® THE GAME is the world’s first action RPG developed and published by MAPLE REALMS INC.
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Hello, everyone!

We’re sorry for the long wait. We will reveal a new trailer at another time.

We are now working on the next expansion, Tarnished.

A new character creation feature will be added.

Please stay tuned for more details.

©2014 MAPLE REALMS INC. All Rights Reserved.

MAPLE REALMS® THE GAME © 2014 MAPLE REALMS INC. All Rights Reserved.Blogging on a budget

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elden Cast: Cast spells using items.
  • Multiply items: Skillful players can use items to cast multiple spells at once.
  • Gods Worldwide: Equip a Holy sword in the Lands Between and create alliances with other players.
  • Combine the Lands Between: You can meet a wide range of people and challenges in the Lands Between.
  • Epic Heroes Are Born: The power to create a hero lies within all of us, the truth you seek is waiting for you in a distant future.
  • Contents:

    • The Elden Ring: Your guide to the multilayered story in the Lands Between.
    • Specific features: Previous content on 9Gamer features exclusive to this title.
    • Welcome to the Lands Between Chapter: A bit of background information on the story.

    【Item catalog】

    You can aquire items without having to battle. Depending on your build, you can obtain various potions and weapons, even if you have not been recruited into a guild.

    • Items that can be aquired:
      • Magic
        • Magic Swords
          • Arcana
            • Holy Swords

      【Types of characters】

      There are several classes of characters and each has a different way of fighting and healing. To properly learn all of them, you need to play the game. You will only learn the true value of them over time through the trial and error of playing.

      • Swordman: A “Swordman” specialized in sword attacks, wielding holy swords as magical weapons. If you are overwhelmed by the weight of the magical power, this is your ideal build.
        • Guildmaster: A “Guildmaster” specialized in spell cast using items, combining two or more items to cast spells.
          • Greedy Sorceress: A “Greedy Sorceress” specialized in spell casting using items, combining multiple items to create


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            ■ OVERALL

            Relevant to those who love Fantasy, and action RPGs. Not a game designed for beginners.

            ■ The Characters

            Characters have been updated to make them more interesting.

            Players will be able to have original conversations with the characters they play.

            ■ The Story

            A unique story about a conflict between the good and evil.

            The main character is in an RPG world called the Lands Between.

            ■ The Enjoyment

            Mixing an RPG and Action game, you can enjoy a variety of gameplay methods.

            You can enjoy it while playing as the main character.

            ■ Special features

            The game has an online element that connects you with the game.

            There is a mode for multiplayer that allows you to play co-op with another person.

            ■ The Screenshots

            A wide variety of screenshots with which you can look at.

            Note: the following screenshots are of a beta version.

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            Emulator Reviews

            Q. Which graphics settings should I use?

            A. If you have a PC that is able to run PS1 games, you may want to use the following settings. The game can also be played on a PS3 using an emulator.

            * The screen may become black when the character runs. If this happens, please consider holding the “down” button while playing.

            * It is recommended that the display be turned to display in the center, and not completely.

            * If the sound is too low, you may want to adjust the volume.

            Q. Are there any bugs that appear?

            A. Please be aware that there may be some


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            Offline Play

            (Click below to view)

            Standard Offline Play

            Pause & Resume

            Continue & Finish Offline Play

            LAN Play

            Single Player Network Play

            Multiplier & Free Trial

            Offline Beginnings Play

            Offline Network Play

            Offline Multiplayer Play

            Astragal Play

            Network Beginnings Play

            Network Multiplayer Play

            Play With Friends

            Live Team Battles

            Teammates & Leaderboards

            Live Team Multiplayer

            Team Spirits & Extra Lives

            Individual Spirits & Extra Lives

            Become a Clan Lord

            Level Up & Trophies

            Saving and Load

            Universal Controllers

            Network Key Finder

            Online Roster Viewer

            Single Party Map Viewer

            Password Secured

            Offline Bonus & Unlockables

            Trading Card Reading



            What’s new in Elden Ring:

            BUG FIXES


            3 difficulty modes, total of 24 dungeons.
            3 sub-quests per dungeon.
            24 combat arts.
            15 equippable items (12 of them are interchangeable).




            God Tarnished Edition Android Is ReleasedTaekreowrGodTarnishedAndroidIn the vast world of Golden Lovers, you get your hands on the secret of the Tarnished King.
            How can you distinguish yourself from others?
            Lead the way as a Tarnished Lord of the Singularity.
            The Tarnished King will throw you a card to help you pick a destiny.
            1. A card with only one choice, and the shape of the card makes it personal.
            2. The Tarnished King will also be on your side.
            3. You are locked onto destiny, so be careful.

            – Character Design
            – Character Build
            – Gameplay
            – Mystery
            – Bug Fixes

            1. Download the game app from Google Play.
            2. Click on “Install” on the bottom right.
            3. Enter your Google Account password
            4. Enter your e-mail address. We’ll contact you with the download link.
            THANK YOU!

            3 difficulty modes, total of 24 dungeons.
            3 sub-quests per dungeon.<br


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