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As you can tell by reading its self-explanatory name, easyFTPClient is a piece of software built from the ground up to provide you with all the necessary tools for transferring files to and from FTP servers.
Please note that in order to be able to deploy this utility on your computer, you are required to install Java. Once this is done and you launch the app, you're bound to discover a typical and fairly user-friendly FTP client.
Outdated looks and basic features
With its oldschool buttons and all-around sharp edges, the app's interface is more reminiscent of older versions of Windows, and it doesn't really please the eye on later iterations of the OS. Nevertheless, since the layout is pretty much the same as most other FTP clients, you should be able to get to grips with the app without much effort.
You'll see the typical 2-panel split main window which facilitates the transfer of files between your computer's HDD and the FTP server, and a run-of-the-mill top toolbar with some of the most useful controls on sight. Files can be moved with the least amount of effort with the help of bulky buttons between the two aforementioned panels.
Doesn't really have what it takes to take on the popular FTP clients of today
Right-click one or multiple files and you can open, edit, and rename them, as well as remove them altogether. There's also a LOG tab but, unfortunately, it can't be accessed without sacrificing the app's main functionality. Regarding customization features, well, let's just say that this app is no FileZilla. However, visit the Settings section, and you can tweak various proxy parameters and add various formats to a simple ignore list, change the language, the date/time format, as well as the UI theme.
All in all, EasyFTPClient is an application that just about cuts it. By itself, it's not all that bad, but when (and if) you start comparing it with other apps of this sort, you can clearly see the app's functional limitations, not to mention how outdated the UI is.







EasyFTPClient 4.77 For Windows

easyFTPClient Crack For Windows is a file transfer/upload tool for Windows and Unix. Easily and reliably transfer files between computers and server/ftp easily. Download full features free Files from FTP server or computer. Control the upload and download speed. Auto upload, support 0 password, upload resumes, download resume. Support back and forth copy and renaming. Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Linux/Solaris/Unix. Lots of improvements in new version. New feature of file transfer. Show the file detail in the transfer progress bar. Set the file size in the transfer progress bar.
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Category: Communications


49 installs

Site Pro Tools Site Pro Tools is a website and FTP hosting control panel that is free for personal use and comes with tools for password management, website maintenance, security, statistics, and backup. Its clean interface is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.


935 installs

VIV’s VIV’s is a user-friendly FTP client that’s meant to be simple to use. It’s got one of the best-looking layouts out there, and its interface is simplistic but easy to navigate. It’s not going to win any award for functionality, but the app is a very good choice for people looking to get some experience FTPing to and from servers.


3,574 installs

Telnet Client TELNET Client is a popular telnet program for easy use and setup. Allows to telnet to and from UNIX servers with one click. This is the Telnet Client application for Windows.


1,243 installs

SyncToy SyncToy is a useful, and simple to use application for synchronizing files between multiple network computers. It’s ideal for people who use different computers and need to keep their files in sync.


308 installs

Novel WeChat for Mac Novel WeChat for Mac is a Windows version of the popular WeChat app for Mac. It’s a chat app that can be used to connect with friends on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Weibo.

Mozilla Thunderbird Thunderbird is a free email, newsgroup, and newsgroup group client for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/

EasyFTPClient 4.77 Crack Torrent (Activation Code) PC/Windows

The easiest way to transfer files to FTP servers, this tool was created to make the FTP transfer process as painless as possible.
Key Features
– supports all versions of Windows (98/XP/Vista/Win7)
– built-in proxy, NTLM authentication, SOCKS/HTTP proxy etc.
– including SMB support
– supports SSL and TLS (SFTP)
– supports FTP 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
– supports upload and download / retrieval of multiple files in one operation
– supports drag & drop
– supports multiple FTP accounts/credentials
– supports drag & drop of multiple files
– supports append file operations
– supports transfer of archives
– supports many types of mirroring
– supports HTTP traffic compression
– supports FTP traffic redirection
– supports external HTTP servers
– FTP server authentication (NTLM, one-time, regular)
– supports multiple FTP servers
– supports external (Windows) FTP servers
– supports connection with an FTP server using “FTP/TLS (SSL)” authentication
– supports connection with an FTP server using “HTTP Proxy” authentication
– supports connection with an FTP server using user name/passwd authentication
– supports username/password authentication (like FTP servers)
– supports anonymous FTP (for testing)
– supports proxy authentication (uses ProxyMAN/LANPRO)
– supports connection with an FTP server using an internet proxy
– supports connection with an FTP server using a SOCKS proxy
– supports connection with an FTP server using a HTTP proxy
– supports connection with FTP server using username/password authentication
– supports “FILE” transfers (no parts of the files can be viewed)
– supports “SYNC” transfers (partial transfers – no metadata is retained, and only part of a file is transferred)
– supports multiple transfer threads
– supports “DAV” transfers (HTTP)
– supports “SFTP” transfers (SSH, see Networking)
– supports “FTP/HTTPS” transfers (SSL)
– supports file transfers in background (GNU/Linux only)
– supports “USR” transfers (short for “unix-like”)
– supports multiple file operations (append, modify, rename, delete)
– supports copy, move, replace, delete, delete (archive)
– supports drag & drop
– supports copying/moving/renaming files
– supports external (local)

EasyFTPClient 4.77 Crack+ [Win/Mac]

easyFTPClient is a cross-platform and free FTP client that provides a handy and straightforward user interface, including an easy-to-use file management section and a set of features that will help you to transfer and move files online.

EasyFTP 1.07
EasyFTP is a cross-platform FTP client, which allows you to connect to FTP servers and download/upload files and folders from/to them. The interface is very simple, but it is quite customizable if you need more features. EasyFTP can act as an FTP server, and it can provide file upload features and a special “Download all” tab for easier file management.

To get started with EasyFTP, simply click on the “EasyFTP 1.07” icon located in the Windows taskbar. If you have registered your program to launch with the right-click menu, you should see the option to start EasyFTP in the menu in addition to the taskbar icon.
Next you will be prompted for some personal info, such as your server name and your user name and password. Then you will be asked if you want to allow the EasyFTP program to upload files to the FTP server on your behalf. This can be done by selecting the “Upload all my files to this server” option, or if you want to upload only selected files, just select the “Upload only selected files to this server” option.
When the program connects to the FTP server, the “Status” bar tells you if everything is working smoothly. If it finds any problems on the local end, it will warn you before trying to connect again. When the connection is established, you will be asked if you want to connect to the server, and then you can choose what type of connection you want to use: Basic, NTLM, or Secure.
The FTP server will be the default destination for all your files and folders.
Once connected, it will be very easy to move and download files and folders, or even create a folder right in your easyFTP client.

You can either send files and folders via drag and drop or by specifying the file path.
Since EasyFTP is a client application, you can also use the File Explorer to transfer files and folders to the server.
Once you are connected, you can see the local files and folders stored in the local directory in the left pane, and if there are files or folders to be downloaded and uploaded on the server, they will appear

What’s New in the EasyFTPClient?

A basic FTP client
Thanks to the 1.8 MB size, EasyFTPClient should take up quite a few of your RAM.
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