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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



An admirable soul tainted by darkness has laid waste to the Land. He’s robbed civilians of their riches and lurks in a dungeon locked with sorcery and guarded by monsters. With treasure to claim, demons to slay and eternal fame to be won, adventurers Tavel, from far and wide to test their strength against this enemy. Many have tried and, not a single one has returned! Will you be the challenger who finally breaks the seal and restore peace to the land?
In addition to the Single Player Game,there is an Online Multiplayer Mode.
– Option for a Game with a full Camera View
– 5 Game Modes (Campaign, Standard, Survival, Time Trial, Deathmatch)
– 5 Difficulty Levels for Campaign (Easy, Normal, Hard, Super Hard, Deathmatch)
– Optional map editor
– Optional Tutorial
– Optional Survival Mode, where the player controls a character who dies after a few minutes
– Additional map option
– Pausing the game
– Pausing the game (Disabled)
– Up to 8 Characters
– Custom Names for all Characters
– Custom Deck of Cards for the Player
– Custom Deck of Cards for the Player (Disabled)
– Custom Board
– Custom Board (Disabled)
– Fonts and MouseCursor
– Soundtrack
– Enabled Beginner and Tutorial in the main menu

– 58 Achievements
– Manual

Installation & Uninstallation
1. Save your game before you start the game: In this game you do not loose your game-state after an installation/uninstallation.
2. Before you start the game, close the programm or close all the files that belong to the game.
3. Copy the downloaded zip-archive (or the downloaded dmg-file) to your computer.
4. Go to your Steam folder.
5. Find the game there and double click on the dmg-file.
6. Follow the instructions for your operating system to install the game.
7. Press the Play button in the game.
8. Close the game if it is still running.
9. If you want to delete it, you can simply delete the game.

How to Play
1. Load/Create an empty world before starting the game.
2. By default the game will play in Normal-Mode. You can change this to Beginner-Mode, by pressing the ESC-key or configure this in the game-settings.


Features Key:

  • The classic dungeon crawl adventure where you have to overcome countless hordes of demons and vile creatures to reach the lich king’s throne
  • Choose your character class (the Rogue, the Wizard or the Fighter), select your stats and customize your equipment by finding an assortment of over 30 items around the dungeon
  • Advanced mappings feature allows you to place game decorations for that personalized touch
  • Teleport to your rooms using the dungeon’s in-game map, a lot like in Diablo 2, using the “Warp” skill
  • Completely random generated player’s rooms with multiple exits and many items to find
  • Can run Dungeon of Eyden simultaneously on up to 4 local or networked Macintosh or Windows platforms (OS X server is required) and watch your progress alongside other players
  • Create dungeon rooms with the “toolbox”, use the teleporter and the command keys, respectively to select objects from your storage and move them to a room using the “Warp” skill
  • Battle your way through the 43 or 47 floor dungeon taking part in up to three challenging game modes; search for treasure, slay enemies or destroy their created items
  • Forget to pick up the items you find in the dungeon rooms? No problem – items can be custom branded using the “print” or “mail” command (10 brand slots)
  • Use the OpenDXP rendering engine for exceptional quality graphics throughout the game
  • Share the game rooms on your network as.opendxp.macro or.opendxp.macro with your friends via e-mail, or publish them on your website to quickly introduce your friends to the game
  • Dungeon of Eyden’s title page design is optimized for the EASA ePub format
  • Can keep the room types that are used in the game, edit the open shortcuts configuration file using TextWrangler (available in the Mac OS X “Developer Tools”) and use them in Dungeon of Eyden of course
  • Installation means copying the 7 MB game icon file plus the archive containing the game files to your hard drive

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    Playing Dungeon of Eyden Crack with your friends, is not only fun but also a lot of fun. Features:
    Game Features:
    – Multi-player, either with Co-Op or 2 Players.
    – Randomly generated worlds with Player Aves, Dungeons and all kinds of new surprises,
    – Character Design: you can equip your character with new gear, you got the possibility to dye or customize your character.
    – Explore a Dark World.
    – Get access to 64 Great Weapons, Great Armor and a variety of Magical Items, and fight your way to the Dungeons Top of the leaderboard!
    – A Great Story and a lot of Monsters to fight.
    – As a variation of the existing game mode, in Boss Rush mode you can choose between an all-powerful Boss or you can have a Chain Boss kill every kind of enemy (Boss Rush is always random)
    – A simple but Challenging Game Mode
    In Boss Rush mode, you can choose from 4 classic bosses: a Skeleton, a Zombie, a Dragon or a Hydra or you can choose a Chain Boss, which is just one boss that has to kill every kind of enemy (Boss Rush is always random).
    – Classic Map generation
    – Earn easy money by opening chests and selling items for gold

    Action game where you fight waves of enemies to achieve the goal, you have to escape from all the obstacles and levels to pass through to win the game. Single player and multi player are supported online for 2 players or local for 1 player. You should download this game, it’s free and fun!
    Features:- This game is really fun and enjoyable, and challenges your brain in a completely unique way! This game has a unique twist of luck, and many different types of gameplay, ranging from easy to extremely hard. You will play around 30 minutes in training mode, and to defeat the evil “Fruit King”, you have to play the entire game, that you can learn and enjoy!
    When you playing this game, you will find it very challenging, and you will enjoy the game and find it fun.
    – The game has several different game modes for players, including “Boss Rush” that gives you the choice of having the player go through a Boss, or going through a “Chain Boss”, a boss that will defeat every enemy (non-Boss) that it comes across! Another option available in the game mode is “Random Rush”, which includes a random set of Bosses and Chain Bosses for players


    Dungeon Of Eyden

    Dungeon of Eyden (Developer / Publisher: Idea Factory / released 2011 / PC)

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    It would do you good to research what the original Dungeon and Dragons had to say. You will find out that it has a lot more in depth than just a simple killing each other and returning loot to be captured. It is a staple fantasy role-playing game (RPG) for many years.

    Aaah! Dungeon of Eyden is epic! I love the styles of the levels: The oldschool look, with the old sprite-looking monsters, artifacts, weapons, bosses and treasures! They are very well designed and the world is a very nicely crafted! I really love the music too! I heard it before, but I never liked it before. For me it sounds very good and fits to the atmosphere. Also the voice acting is splendid! I love the way the characters speak! The names of every of them are really funny and I love all the dialogues. Never before did I laugh so hard! Maybe it is just the style! But it is Epic and you should give it a try!

    Dungeon of Eyden is a very enjoyable, old-style RPG game! The combat system is simple enough to be fun, and the game-play is presented in such a way that it is easy to learn. The graphics are simple, but I don’t find it to be a hindrance to my enjoyment, as I prefer the pastel cartoon-style art


    What’s new in Dungeon Of Eyden:

    : The Rune of Protection

    A name of some significance on a long and storied history, the Time of Troubles saw a period of great turmoil for the town of Eldre’yelda. The racial tensions between the plutocrats and the poorly-paid backbone of the economy which included the peasants and homeless are at a boiling point. Unrest amongst the people of Eldre’yelda escalates causing the peasants and beggars to rouse. The Town Watch and its Quartermaster, Wulf, attempts to quell the protests and restore order. So far, events have escalated. Now, the festivities of the annual Rune of Protection gathering are at hand. This marks the height of the village’s grain festivities. This is the time in which the Ennizo’s and Clanjas’ gather to feast, party, and possibly flaunt their legendary wealth. This celebration also marks the beginning of the testing of the Rune of Defense.

    World of Marsh


    The Archetypes table below outlines the ideas and motifs that provide the lifeblood of Eulysia. Some of these are implicit, while others are shown plainly in this narrative. Understanding Eulysian Culture starts with mastering these and then expands upon them.


    The Nessani, the plutocrats of Eldre’yelda. They wield the power, they own it all. The Ennizae are a better class of Zealot, but not by much. Ennizae wear trim red and black clothing that is emblazoned with their name, insignia, or clan’s emblem. Ennizae walk with swords in their right hand, and coins in their left. These are easily made. The large amounts of rations or trade goods inside their shops sometimes overflow in the case of a new shipment, thereby attracting ridicule from the Town Watch. There are quite a few ways to recruit. The Lord’s Boar Hunt, the Farmer’s Terredob Hour, and the Gamekeeper’s Welcome are just three, but many more exist. Recruitment for the Watch and Army is typically slightly more complicated, though all typically require a Dinner with the Watch.

    Ennizae can occasionally be found on the streets. If a townsperson in need of assistance approaches an Ennizae, with coin in hand, they will almost without fail offer aid. The Ennizae are often misguided. Often they’ll charge the price to repair a


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