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Record every keystroke on your computer, including document content and web browser data. Update management regularly on the progress of your research.
In this chapter, we looked at 8 ways you can accomplish customer retention tasks. Each of them represents a certain type of partnership and creates certain benefits for both parties.With the help of these templates, you can make sure that your brand is easily remembered, and your staff will associate you and your offer with positive emotions and pleasant experiences. Remember that creating motivation is one of those elements of marketing that you can’t skimp on as it drives company growth and long-term profits.
Of course, Basecamp was able to turn a profit last year, despite doing the most typical start-up business in the field of website building. Let’s analyze what methods and skills you may lack to take a place in the B2B sector in the information technology market. Let’s list the next steps to focus on customer satisfaction.
1. Organize and lead a research project to study and develop your key features.
2. Design and publish contact information in a user-friendly format and sequence.
3. Use unique offers to get feedback and comments from customers. Recommend subscribing to industry news channels so that users can receive monthly reports.
4. Create a website that will allow your customers to interact with you even more.
5. Hold annual customer events and meetings so they can tell their friends and family about you.
6. Adopt guerrilla marketing tactics and conduct monthly online customer surveys on social media.
7. We conduct regular research on customer preferences in order to find out how you can improve your site.
8. Post product related information, breaking news and all the benefits of your products. Please note that information should be presented in user-friendly formats and in the most common formats for mobile devices.



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