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Well, I downloaded the video game Prison Break: The Conspiracy and when I tryed.
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TVNE is asking you to answer a few questions about your views on the Corridor of Immortality documentary currently being discussed on the site.
– Have you watched this movie? – Yes
– Why do you think Latvia was chosen for filming? – I was curious to see how it happens in America. I thought that the film only reflected cons, and it really is. But at some points I was amazed by what I saw. For example, when the warden releases a prisoner. I have never seen anything like it in real life. So it was very interesting. I have always been interested in such things. In addition, it was interesting to see that Americans can rely on young people who are not connected to the past. I think they really believe in what they are doing.”Russian Style” vs. MTV
The concert “Russian Style” and “5 HARVESTS” was held in Riga on the second day of the Eurovision selection round
The topic of population growth in Latvia is not the main topic at the conference of the Latvian Society for the Conservation of Nature
The Budget Committee of the European Parliament approved an amendment to the financial support of the European Union to strengthen “green” projects
The European Court of Human Rights ordered the Latvian government to pay compensation to a 16-year-old boy who was forced to drink urine as a child
The partnership agreement with the European Union expires in Latvia
LNT will continue to inform you about the life of the country and society
– Mr. President, can you give a brief assessment of the events currently taking place in Ukraine? – A civil war is going on in Ukraine, which has taken on a racially determined character. And Ukraine itself has become an arena for clashes between corporations, mostly American ones. This is a tragedy that has led to serious consequences, however, not only in Ukraine. Now the people of Ukraine have moved away from the shock a little, and I don’t think that anything will change there.
Human rights activists will closely monitor how election commissions will be formed for the upcoming local elections in September
“Over the years, Lithuania has not developed, we only studied what could be improved here. So, we worked out the best for ourselves and for our neighbors. The EU is a young organization, m



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