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Why is a non-inverting input always triggered?

I have the following circuit which describes a simple filter:

I want to use this as an integrator to integrate a “complement” of the input. However, the first stage always triggers. Can anyone explain why? I would expect the second stage to be triggered if I apply a “complement” of the input signal to the non-inverting input of the first stage.
I am using the following LTspice circuit simulator and via simulation, the second stage is only triggered when the input signal is at ground.


In SPICE, the polarity of a non-inverting pin simply means that the the signal that goes into the pin comes out the same as if it had been the inverting pin.
Since your test signal is at 5 volts, that means that any time the output is at 5 volts or higher, the signal that goes into the input is at 5 volts.
That’s why your oscilloscope doesn’t see a change when you measure the input.

simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

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