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natural organic food from the manufacturer.
The leader in the production of fish, meat, dairy products, sunflower oil and nut oil.The assortment includes a wide selection of dairy products of own production – milk, cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, kefir, milk of Svyatogorskaya, Ilyich, Premium mineral waters, as well as a large selection of products made from milk, sour cream, butter.
Firm “Agrishen” was founded in 1994. The main activity is the production of yoghurts, confectionery and bakery products under its own brand “A-Laska”. Curd products are made according to traditional technology, made from high quality fresh and natural ingredients, which allows you to get a high quality product.
Milk, dairy products, butter for everyone, farm products, and everything for your children!
Firms involved in the production of dairy products and vegetable oils
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Coffee shop in the city center. Large selection of coffee and tea. Different cultures, large volumes, delicious menu and service.
A wide range of food products, appliances and household goods, discounts and promotions. Many promotions for coffee lovers, as part of a free espresso.
Sale and supply of food products with spare parts and under the order.
A delicatessen, gourmet food and good mood shop that you will remember forever if you get there one day.
Delivery of fresh, varied and tasty catering products: pizza, sushi, barbecue, takeaway menu, cakes. It also accepts orders for banquets, receptions, children’s parties.
Grocery store with a large selection and a wide range of products for you and your family. All products are fresh, alcoholic and non-alcoholic products are always available. Delivery within the city is FREE.
Production and sale of cheese and cheese-fries
Production, sale and home delivery of fresh dairy products: natural food products produced by LLC “Belgorodsky Produkt” from the Korochansky district of the Belgorod region. Polite sellers will advise you on all issues. A wide range of butter, cheese, confectionery products of our own production.
Belgorod, Belgorod district, Donetsky settlement, st. B. Khmelnitsky, house 118
Almi can be described as a young dynamically developing company. The main activity of the LLC “AlMI” is the wholesale supply of food products to the cities of Russia.



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