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College Alarm Clock Crack

Alarm Clock is a complete solution for all your waking needs.
You can set your preferred wake up time and date (weekdays, weekends and holidays) and your desired wake up time.
On each day of the week, you can also select your favorite wake up time which will be added to your PC Clock and Alarm settings.
For example, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, you can select 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM for your desired wake up time.
In addition, you can select the date and time you wish to wake up.
Then, by pressing the “Wake Up” button, the PC will use the selected alarm time to wake up the user.
To make your PC work with the selected time, a user is required to install a time zone on his PC.

Set your preferred time, days of the week, and sound of the alarm with this easy-to-use Windows application that includes audio files of both your choice and alarms. This application is suited for both users who like to wake up earlier and those who like to sleep a bit longer and need a powerful alarm.
What’s New in This Release:
• Fixed a bug that might cause the Sound Time to be used with the wrong audio source.
• Fixed a bug that might cause the Sound Time to be used with the wrong audio source.
• Corrected the display of the different time zones and the time, day of the week, and sound of the alarm.
* This release is tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista.
School Alarm Clock is a personal Alarm Clock for your PC.
Features a 7-Day Format so that you can wake up earlier/later on different days of the week. Save/Load your weekly schedule to your hard drive. It will play any media file stored on your PC or LAN.
■ You must have a player installed for each media file you wish to play (e.g., Winamp for mp3’s or CD’s, media player for avi’s, Real Player for.rm’s)
School Alarm Clock Description:
Alarm Clock is a complete solution for all your waking needs.
You can set your preferred wake up time and date (weekdays, weekends and holidays) and your desired wake up time.
On each day of the week, you can also select

College Alarm Clock Crack [32|64bit]

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There are currently 12 keyboard shortcuts available.
Please note that if you plan to use any of the shortcuts and make them your regular shortcuts, it is recommended that you create a shortcut in the key combinations shortcut manager.
Some of the shortcuts available are:
1. Alt+Ctrl+A: Run Programs
2. Alt+Ctrl+D: Delete Files
3. Alt+Ctrl+E: Run Explorer
4. Alt+Ctrl+F: Open/Run Folder
5. Alt+Ctrl+G: Open with Explorer
6. Alt+Ctrl+H: Shutdown
7. Alt+Ctrl+I: Start Network (using Samba)
8. Alt+Ctrl+K: Start Calculator
9. Alt+Ctrl+L: Start Menu Search
10. Alt+Ctrl+M: Open Main Menu
11. Alt+Ctrl+N: Start System Manager
12. Alt+Ctrl+O: Open DVD/CD
13. Alt+Ctrl+P: Open Desktop
14. Alt+Ctrl+Q: Open Recent
15. Alt+Ctrl+R: Open Run
16. Alt+Ctrl+S: Open Start Menu
17. Alt+Ctrl+T: Open Terminal
18. Alt+Ctrl+U: Open Desktop (Run)
19. Alt+Ctrl+V: Open Desktop (Copy)
20. Alt+Ctrl+W: Open Desktop (Paste)
21. Alt+Ctrl+X: Open Desktop (Cut)
22. Alt+Ctrl+Y: Open Desktop (Save As)
23. Alt+Ctrl+Z: Open Desktop (Undo)
24. Alt+Ctrl+0: Open Explorer (Go to)
25. Alt+Ctrl+1: Open Explorer (Go to) (URL)
26. Alt+Ctrl+2: Open Explorer (Go to) (Folder)
27. Alt+Ctrl+3: Open Explorer (Go to) (Folder) (Remote Folder)
28. Alt+Ctrl+4: Open Explorer (Go to) (Folder) (Directories)
29. Alt+Ctrl+5: Open Explorer (Go to) (Folder) (Directory)
30. Alt+Ctrl+6: Open Explorer (Go to) (Folder) (Directory) (Remote Folder)
31. Alt+Ctrl+7:

College Alarm Clock Crack Free License Key

A solution to the missing alarm clock that you need for your office, school, and dorm room.
Want a solution that will wake you up in time, not at the stroke of the clock? A solution that will keep your daily schedule organized, and fit in your pocket?
Now you can get it, with College Alarm Clock!
– The 7-Day Calendar format wakes you up before/after work or school
– Two alarms are available to wake you up on either side of your alarm time
– Save and Load your schedule to your computer’s hard drive
– Features Winamp and Real Player for media files
– Ability to use any media file stored on your PC or LAN
– Runs on your local network
– Customizable features
– Save/Load Alarm/Weekly Schedule
– Free Service Update (Makes your program updated in the Background)
– Full Auto Updater
– Full Auto Installer
– System Requirements
System Requirements:
– Windows 2000, XP, or Windows 98
– Processor: 400MHz or more recommended
– Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP2
– NIC: TCP/IP network connection
– 512MB RAM or more recommended
– Network: Must have a player installed for each media file you wish to play
– Minimum of 15MB free space in your Program Files directory
College Alarm Clock Installation Instructions:
Copy the compressed file to your Program Files folder. Open the CollegeAlarmClock-win32.exe program. Click on the Install button to install CollegeAlarmClock on your computer.

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What’s New in the College Alarm Clock?

About “The Father of All Alarm Clocks”, I’ve been using the popular Clock Alarm program since it first started over 10 years ago.
Clock Alarm has come a long way since then. We added the Date/Time display option, a 7-day format to wake you up earlier or later on any day of the week, a Local Date/Time display option, a change log, many other bug fixes and support for many popular media file types and formats.
Now, to try it out for yourself, you can purchase this small but powerful program for a one time payment of $19.95.
But, if you want to try the program for 30 days, I’ve also included a free trial version that will allow you to try the program for 30 days without any obligation.
This is just a proof of concept as I wanted to see how the program would be received by the public.
If you want to buy the full version, you can do so by clicking the Get it Now button.
If you want to buy the trial version, simply click the Trial it Now button, follow the instructions and you’ll be in business in no time.
By the way, if you’re already using the Clock Alarm program, you can simply press the Compare button to see if there is any changes to the program since you last purchased the full version.
To use the program, simply select an alarm sound from the music file, or a preset alarm sound, then press the Alarm button. You may choose to wake up at the first sound, every sound, or every 15 seconds.
It will be very easy for you to set up your weekly alarm schedule.
There are options for displaying the date, time and a timer, along with a few other items.
In addition to the many media options, the program supports many other media formats and file types.
Some of these media types include:

System Requirements For College Alarm Clock:

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
Minimum 1024 MB of RAM
Graphical Requirements:
Desktop Mode
Supports Windows
Built in Internet Explorer 6.0/8.0
Supports VGA 1600 x 1200
Supports JPG and BMP image files
Supports GIF image files
Supports high resolution (320 x 240) image files
Supports high resolution, large (640 x 480) image files
Supports high resolution,