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Chrysanth Journal Free [Mac/Win]

Organize important events, notes, and photos of your daily life with Chrysanth Journal Activation Code, a powerful, and intuitive tool that integrates an event organizer, a diary and a photo album, in a single and clear interface.
Chrysanth Journal Cracked Accounts Features:
Plan your events with ease with a diary that is packed with a number of features to help you organize yourself during the day, thanks to an intuitive and elegant presentation.
Navigate your events, notes, and photos with just one touch and create your own personal file to store your memories.
Keep yourself organized and up to date with an agenda that displays important information, a to-do list, and a project list.
Explore your photos by categorizing them according to their content, or search for specific photos with metadata and captions to find information about them.
Capture your thoughts by writing personal notes, easily record your daily activities, or make notes on phone numbers.
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Improve your image brightness every time you rotate your smartphone or tablet, at the intervals you determine, for up to 24 hours.
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*Other basic features
Updates and new improvements will be added in the future.
*Pre-requisite: Some skills and minimum Android versions are required for use.
*Device support android 5.0 +
*Automatic brightness need to be set
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*Open the app
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*Use the “scroll to top” button to have notificating panel
*Use “home” button to close the app
*Report to us:
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v2.0.1 – Fix the bug where some device would not detect for 24

Chrysanth Journal

Chrysanth Journal is a complete system for personal organization with events and activities scheduler, diary and photo album.
All you need is a handy and attractive tool to plan your day and to get in touch with your life. The journal holds details about every single day, and it can be used to record all your important activities and appointments. All your important information is saved in one place.
The diary organizes days and weeks in a calendar which you can switch between months, and it also offers an agenda which lets you view the current day with a quick view of all the scheduled items.
The photo album manager lets you browse and sort images with an attractive gallery and all the standard features you would expect to have.
The main feature of the diary and the photo album is the event organizer which allows you to create, edit and import events and activities. With this tool, it is easy to create your own event planner with a special interface and a powerful tool which can organize everything.
A lot of features are available to provide you an ideal way to manage time and it allows you to create easily the calendar with an online address book and a diary to keep track of your meetings, dates and book appointments.
You can add and edit your personal to do list and easily put information such as phone numbers, meeting reminders, events, etc. in the diary.
The calendar also lets you add appointments, events, and notes to them so you can quickly and easily reference what you need to do.
The diary has the ability to let you plan and record your next appointments and also allows you to manage your personal and business activities.
You can write your daily activities, record your moments, memories, recipes, meet notes and even manage a family calendar and share it with your relatives.
In addition, you can create and share a photo album to add pictures and videos of family, friends, places, and others.

What’s New in Version 1.5.1

New: Management of timeThe management of time has been greatly improved: you can now add appointments and activities between two different dates. With this function, you can easily plan your daily events and you will no longer lose your place to add a new event.
New: Import/ExportImport & Export of diary dataImport your diary from 1.4.4.
Bug Fixed: New features is now compatible with classic view mode.


Chrysanth Journal is a complete system for personal organization with events and

Chrysanth Journal Crack + Full Product Key

Chrysanth Journal is a total event organizer and private diary. Great interface, simple and intuitive design, a perfect easy-to-use interface.
Schedule your essential events with ease. It’s wrapped in a fashionable and intuitive layout structured into three distinct tabs, each with its own corresponding functions. The first one displays a colored agenda for each day and a small calendar on the left side of the panel. The journal provides a record list, while the photo collection, shows different tags (private, business, personal, friends), and the contained images in thumbnail view.
Diary and photo album can be accessed by computer or any mobile device.
Chrysanth Journal is simple to use. It is a powerful diary and an organizer for all your important events.
Key Features:
• Event organizer: calendar, day planner, diary
• Diary and photo album can be accessed by computer or any mobile device.
• Organize your daily events and private moods
• Organize your blog, microblog, company events, and more
• Record all your interesting events, parties, get-togethers, and memories in one place
• Make a photo album with your best pictures
• Schedule your essential events with ease
• Keep a track of all your social life
• Import events from Google Calendar and Outlook
• Set a recurrence interval, where you have to select the start/end time, duration, pattern, and a maximum number of repeats.
• Use a shortcut button to quickly schedule events.
• Quickly add your private notes
• Quickly schedule an event and quickly find it in your diary
• Upload your own photos and invite people to attend
• Capture a memorable event and tag it with your chosen keywords
• View your photos as never before. Photos now are available in the full-screen mode or split into individual images with simple mouse clicks
• Record event location and date
• Monitor the events you share with friends
• Schedule appointments
• View your events from your desktop or mobile device
• Create and edit appointments using the comfortable user interface
• Program automatic reminders

What’s New In Chrysanth Journal?

Chrysanth Journal is a comprehensive yet easy-to-learn application that comes packed with an event organizer, diary, and image album to offer a complete experience.

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System Requirements For Chrysanth Journal:

At the time of this review, the PlayStation 4 version of the game is available for $29.99 from the PlayStation Network.
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